Black America’s gardens are rendered in the myriad of perfumes. Each scent is a patterned timing into the experiences of Black American womanhood and identity. Music of these gardens is a Universal calendar. Pinpointing the rhythms, styles, and musical patterns of this peculiar people. A people with no land, and thus reliant, on Universal Blackness for consistent recreation of their existence in these United States of America. A timing that continues on to this very day. A form of distant time traveling back into the past; only for it to be rectified, re-emerged, and celebrated, for the current future.

In Black American her/history music has been the way of telling time. Keepers of tradition, and securing existence throughout one’s timing in a foreign land. That is Black America’s peculiar existence. And so, when you have the women (Black America’s mothers, daughters, “aunties,” grandmothers, and kins women) coming to convey this story, there is a wonder at work. It is as if a sparkling light is glacing honeyed silk on the broken Spirits of these current women, who have carried on the pain and turmoil, of their foremothers.; Edits By Lauren K. Clark

This is the miracle, wonder, and Universal celebration of the JILL SCOTT and ERYKAH BADU, LIVE “Battle.” (May 9, 2020)

The auspicious and holistic attribute, concerning this event, is that the term “battle,” in no way conveys the wonder, which took place on that very day. In fact, to even use the term “battle,” is a very insult to the sacredness of this event. It cheapens what took place. A more suitable term is complementary. Two feminine Beings, of a peculiar scent, who come together is performance of harmonical wonder of Black American women’s musical artistry. There were 2 of them. Symbolic of the Universal harmony of balance. They were the true essence of musical, spiritual twins. Bringing the missing parts for each other’s existence into a completed mirror; as they recognized themselves, in each other. Two different stars from the Universal galaxies, who have joined up in a particular time, in order to color the magic of this particular artistry. Just looking at their colors, tells it all. Jill Scott is caressed in blue. Erykah Badu, is scented in red. Jill Scott is caressed in blue. Together, those spectrums create purple. And, oh how we love the color, purple.; Edits By Lauren K. Clark

There was no competition between these two Beings, who performed their one interpretation of feminine understandings of Divinity. This kind of love and abundance is reflective of this peculiar artistry. Something that is restored, re-explored, and re-discovered throughout generations of time in Black American gardens.

There was a Universal bond, happening with this particular bond. People often refer to this as that “auntie” moment in Black American familial relationships. Those aunts, who color the wisdom and knowledge, in why we exist. They are different from the Big Mommas and nannas of Black American culture and linguistics. Aunties bridge the worlds of the old and the young. They make elder knowledge and wisdom look cool to the young. Simultaneously, they also help elders to understand the hope and adventures, as performed by the young. They bridge the divisions of age in Black America’s gardens. “Aunties” are also the cultural managers. They preside over how knowledge is shared in our gardens. “Aunties” advise the young maidens, in the garden, in how they are to continue to birth tradition. Furthermore, they assist the nannas and Big Mommas, in keeping productivity in our gardens. In a terse amount of words, “aunties” are the managers of cultural protection. For Black America’s soiling, “aunties” work with Mothers in training the maidens, on what’s expected of them, in garden’s aesthetics. Its one of the key essentials in our continued existence in this experience, and peculiar lands.

If we take the concept of an “Auntie,” in Black American gardens, while placing it in a Universal context, one of those digital pictures, would be the Jill Scott VS. Erykah Badu WONDER! Let’s go deeper! The “auntie” becomes the spiritual magician. This is what this spectacular event between Erykah Badu and Jill Scott is about. One cannot deny how the magic of music, and musicianship, is being performed. There are many different textures, colors, designs, styles, auras, energies, euphoric elements, which comes with this world-that comes with this level of thinking and spiritual elevation. There was a form of magical realism, at work. “Aunties” transitioned into “musical magicians,” when Erykah Badu and Jill Scott came to perform together, on the Instagram LIVE session!

Observing how these to legends of Neo-Soul and Soul music interconnected with each other’s vibes, was a performance of energetic healing between musicians, vocalists. A release of the ego had emerged. The performance of the feminine, and how it is supposed to interact with each other, was also displayed. These two feminine energies become immersed with each other. A holistic, energy exchange, at work! An exchange of nourishment, nutrition, Soul soothing, Soul seeking, and enriching to why artists, vocalists, and singers are able to find peace and ease, within this audacity, called, MUSIC! Different songs were performed, and their analysis is well deserved. Next Lifetime (Badu). “Gettin’ In the Way” (Scott). You Always Answer My Calls (Scott). On and On (Badu). Bag Lady (Badu). On a greater extent, they are forms of Universal energy. Gases of fruition, that breaks through rigidity and lackluster appearances. Shining up those stars, in need of more, GLITTER! That’s the beauty of their majesty!; Edits By Lauren K. Clark

This is one of the hidden jewels regarding “aunties,” and that magical spark, when they are performed back in their own communities. In Black America’s context, sometimes “aunties” are so used to being seen, that people forget their magic, or take them for granted. Erykah Badu and Jill Scott placed that Universal coloration back upon such women within our community. They were not tarnished with the stains of societal ills and degradation, that many “aunties” face in our communities. On the contrary, their femininity and womanhood was further elevated and illuminated, through this event. Whether they have children, or not, they are still given the same reverence and significance of a mother. Through this collaboration, motherhood was highlighted as being birthed in other ways. This gathering further proved that musical genius, is one of their love childs.

On a greater extent, healing of Black American womanhood had come through another lens, with this event. For you see, when you don’t have a nation of your own, there is a different level of stressors, mental, and emotional issues, which come into play. That is the base of it all. Of course, that’s for another piece of literature. Yet, such is a key layer, when you are dealing with Black American femininity and musical artistry. Music becomes your garden. There is much more to be said about this. Yet, in a general understanding of wellness, there is an emotional nourishment, that took place for Black American mothers, maidens, and aunties, on this very day. I’m not simply talking about a “feel good;” just temporarily being relieved of burdens. Although, those two are very important. There is a steady play of womanhood taking place, which continues to be enriched with the very essence of musical serenades. Through this event, there was an elixir of Black American women’s humanity using the Universal, in order to re-awaken their bodies, minds, and Souls, on Earth. Earth had been married to the Heavens. There was a particular ritual, that is clearly reflective of what took place with our foremothers. Those enslaved “aunties,” who assisted matriarchs of our community, who kept community, in tact. Who monitored our presence, even though they may have not been as valued, celebrated, or re-stored, in the way that they deserved. Yet, nevertheless, they are here, and their presence silkens Black America’s communities. All ages and demographics of its existence. Let Universal design, win!

As we lay stretched back, and linger upon the miracle of this exhibition of Galaxy’s performance, allow it to blow onto the next time frame. Into this current time period. Serving as a pivotal marker, when things are nourished, and treasured. Storing the musical treasures into Heaven’s domains; while imprinting them in the Souls of our flesh’s desire. Awakened in the arena, of that Soul-stirrin,’ secret keepin’, tellin’ it like it is, cocoa quilting layers of Universal domain, that only an “auntie,” can sing.; Edits By Lauren K. Clark