Being away from home during the holidays can be rather troubling for some. One of those surreal times, when you literally feel the familial energy missing; allowing you to appreciate its presence, evermore. There are those who are separated due to financial constraints. Others, well, there are incidents, where work has taken on its course. A little too much of the course! Nevertheless, the hectic realities of career sometimes take their toll-keeping individuals away from the true nature and understanding of work!


For the holiday season, its part of the joy and abundance of being fulfilled when one is in the company and presence of family, friends, and loved ones. There is a certain spark and energy of harmony and balance, which is spread throughout the spacing. Its euphoric. The perfect reminder as to why we are living. For those who are away, it can be very difficult in being away from that light. That energy of belonging. Knowing that one is protected, comforted, and nurtured for a moment in time. That one belongs, at some moment, time, and space on this planet. Carrying that moment and connecting it to the Universal galaxies. An essence of Divine Love. It is nutritional, if we are going to revel in the glory of kinship and familial bonding. Spirits whom we did not choose, but were already connected with our Spirits before we were born. Every season. Every winter season, we are reminded of this glory.

For those of you who are dealing with the reality of being away from home, holiday blues, here are a few tips, and activities, to help you revive that same, familial, holiday Spirit, wherever you are.


Go Out On the Town

Forget about staying inside and sulking in one’s loneliness. Enjoy the holiday Spirit and all the symbolisms, that come with it. Go out into town and just walk around to witness excited sights and events. See how other human beings frolic and enjoy the beauties of the Winter holidays. Soak up that contagious and joyful energy!

Take Pictures Of Yourself In the Winter Joy

One of the beauties of the holiday season are the decorations-the bells, the wreaths, lights. . .you name it! Capture yourself in the beauty of the season. Ornament yourself with your beauty, and just watch how your Spirit illuminates your very being, and the space around its essence.


Stay Sociable

Mingle with other beautiful Spirits, and spread love to those in your midst. Whether it be passersby or strangers showing up at that special dinner that you happened to have been invited to by work colleagues, or what have you. Mingle and enjoy the holiday tingle.

A Spirit Of Cheer and Giving

Use your time being away from family as a reminder for all of your blessings! The fact that you have a family IS. . .a blessing! There are elders, orphans, foster children, and even the homeless, who do not have that. So, go out and do some volunteer work. Visit those elder women and men, who have been abandoned by their own family members. Take books and special gifts to entertain children in hospitals. Do whatever you can do to bring joy and love to those not as fortunate, as you. It will give you a new insight into the very meaning of a Spiritual family.


Music! Oh, the Power of Music!

Silver Bells! Yes, bring out those Silver Bells! Nothin’ beats the power of music to ignite the holiday Spirit. So, while you may be away from your family and loved ones for this holiday occasion, attend a free, holiday concert. Entertain the joy of carolers looking to give you musical therapy, and those in your midst. And, get yourself a pair of bells. Ring them throughout the space! Let joy sprinkle every area around you!

Taste the Season

Grab some hot cocoa, a piece of chocolate, a cup of nutmeg, and taste the richness of this holiday season! Nuf’ said!

Sweet Words to the Fam’!

While you are away, you have to call family and friends. But, not just any call. This time your words are sweet. They are special! So soothing and magnanimous that your family and loved ones feel as if you are there.

Divine Reason

Remember that you are there for a reason. The Universe has a plan. Everything always works out for the greater good! Examine all the blessings, within such circumstances! Remember that this allows you to appreciate time, in whatever form that it comes in. While you are away from family and friends, share with them all of the joys, you are experiencing, while you are away. This will give them joy, in knowing that your Spirits are not down, in the absence of their presence. That way when you see them, you will have so much to tell, and a wealth of joy to share.

Now that you are ready to partake in this journey, of being on a different plane than your family and loved ones, during the holiday season, remember to keep your Spirit in the way of bells. Let them jingle and keep jingling along your. . merry way!