tea for five
These I have missed during this time of  grey:
uncovered smiling faces;
conversations with strangers in shopping aisles,
handshakes with new folk,
hugs from family across the suburbs,
freedom of movement,
spontaneous tea parties,
conversations around coffee tables,
flesh and blood faces close enough to see the laughter lines
grandparents with grandchildren,
special outings to the theatre
ice-creams from an ice-cream cart
holiday plans ....

I do see silver and these I have gained:
slower starts to each day,
not sitting in traffic,
time to brew tea in a well-loved pot
set a tray with five cups and share
with husband and three daughters three times a day.
Healthier meals - new found love of pulses (best stored dried food),
turmeric and honey hot water drinks,
decluttering cupboards creating giving piles to share
when life walks free again,
distributing backyard avocados on neighbours' doorsteps,
planting seeds,
writing poetry,
sitting still.