older people dating

We have seen some reports on the media for the romantic love stories of young people during the quarantine time. Like the ‘Drone Guy’ who asked out a girl dancing on a roof finally went on a date with her in a giant inflatable ball. But how about the senior singles who are not that tech savvy to use something like drone? And so far to the best of our knowledge, older people are much easier to be infected by the coronavirus. Then how can they keep looking for someone special while practicing social distancing?

Move things online

Luckily, we are not that unprepared. During the pandemic, we can move a lot of things online thanks to our modern technology. From online school to online meetings, our lifestyle has been changed a lot by the situation. There is no exception for online dating. If online dating is already trending before the quarantine, then the current situation increased its population dramatically.

A data from the popular dating site OKCupid indicates that daters sent more than 35 million messages in March, 2020, which is about 4 million more than the same time last year. For senior dating, there will be more of them start to use senior dating sites rather than traditional dating like introducing by mutual friends etc. Sites like Match has brought out new video chat feature so you can do virtual meet via social distancing.

Take it slow

“Why do I bother to contact someone online when I can not date or meet someone in person?” There are many similar complains and questions like that. But that’s actually a great chance for you to slow things down. You can take time to communicate with the possible matches more. We are living in a world that many would get laid without even knowing the names of each other. But now the situation changed a lot by the coronavirus. According to data from OKCupid, there is a 5% increase in folks looking for serious relationships and a decrease in those looking for casual hookups.

So it is just the right time for you to slow things down a bit and chat more to understand each other better before you can actually meet. To give you some idea to start with, there were few things you can do together online.

1) Talk about your mutual interests. You both may be travel lovers who have been to many places. You can share with each other the places you have been to and your interesting travel stories as well. There are always a lot to share so you can enjoy your day talking about things you both like.

2) Share pictures about daily life, weather and so on. You can start your day by sending a picture of your window view. Take a picture while you are playing with your pet and share it with your partner. It makes your day much more fun by this.

3) Watch a movie or read a book together. You can also watch a movie or read a book you like at the same time. Then you can exchange ideas after watching the movie or reading the book.

These are just listed out as the clue for you to start with. The more you know about each other, the more likely that you know if you are suitable for each other. The social distancing will over sooner or later, you can finally date the perfect one you have been communicating well with.