At the age of eight a prominent modelling agency discovered Simona Fusco in Vienna, Austria and she quickly became their top international model for their two biggest clients, Benetton and Lacoste. At that moment, a spark was ignited in Simona, which has made her the self-made, award-winning entrepreneur that she is today.

Simona’s mother quickly realized that Austria was limited in what it had to offer her daughter and shortly thereafter, at 14 years of age Simona and her mother relocated to Los Angeles, where the entertainment world quickly discovered her beauty, talent and natural born charisma.  In a span of less than 10 years, Simona starred in more than 30 televisions and movies.  One prominent Hollywood critic James Bacon, one of very few to interview Marilyn Monroe in person, published a story in the Beverly Hills Magazine 213 and called Simona “The Most Spectacular Looking Blonde Since Marilyn Monroe.”

However, Hollywood was only a stepping stone for Simona as she knew she was destined for something far greater.  As a Hollywood actress, Simona realized something was missing apart from all the glitz and glam that Hollywood portrayed.  Simona saw that most people in Hollywood were unhappy and were missing out on one of the most important things in life people need; love.

Simona saw this first hand when some of the top matchmakers approached her and she felt that none of these companies truly got to know who she was and ended up matching her with people that didn’t have any chemistry with her.  What Simona did was create a unique niche market within a larger market that was doing all the wrong things.

About 10 years ago, Simona launched Perfect 12 Introductions and made her mark in this competitive industry by becoming the first one to conduct Custom Tailored Matches for each and everyone of her clients.  Simona started off slow and took the time to get to know each of her clients, instead of just showing them a rolodex of women.  For every client, she created their own unique campaign and had her team search out and find the women that were the kind of women their client had been looking for their whole life.

Within a few years, she quickly became the number one matchmaking company in the nation and Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, presented Simona with a Global Excellence Award in Women’s Entrepreneurship.  She was honored as a “Prominent Business Woman” and “World-Renowned Entrepreneur” for her entrepreneurial accomplishments as the Founder of her organization, Perfect 12 Introductions. Simona’s company has a 90% success rate and she is recognized as an internationally renowned entrepreneur.  She has been featured on national TV panels and talk shows, including CNN, CBS, TLC, KCAL9, ABC, FOX News, to name a few and frequently serves as a relationship expert for national publications and is often featured in Esquire Magazine, GQ Magazine, US Weekly, New York Post, Huffington Post, Beverly Hills Magazine, and many more.

In 2015, one year after the death of her beloved mother, Simona founded The Maria Gruber Foundation.  Simona’s mother passed away from a deadly cancer and Simona literally saw her mother pass rather quickly before her eyes.  Simona was a single mother at the time and had no support groups. The Maria Gruber Foundation was created to provide educational tools to help parents, children, and loved ones affected by terminal illness. Parts of Perfect 12’s proceeds go towards her foundation to help families and their loved ones in their battle against terminal cancer.  Being an entrepreneur and her own boss allowed Simona to devote the time needed to create and run this non-profit organization.

Simona also found time to produce two successful holiday movies, Beverly Hills Christmas and This is our Christmas, which aired throughout the holiday seasons of 2016 and 2018 and won an award for Best TV Movie.

From a successful model and actress gracing the magazines across the globe to an award-winning entrepreneur with numerous striking accomplishments, Simona Fusco is the embodiment of the cutting-edge lady’s image of achievement who is presently driving the path for other women. Brilliant and business savvy, she demonstrates that with diligent work and a great deal of heart, you truly can have everything.


  • Prakash Neupane is a singer, writer, poet and rap artist from Nepal. He is also engaged in writing, blogging and journalism.