Do you become anxious when your friends suggest studying at a busy restaurant? Do you feel your insides turning when you need to work with a group of people? Do you put on some earphones and listen to music to drown out the chatter at the office? If these situations are familiar to you, then chances are you are an introvert. If so, how would you calm yourself down during these stressful situations?

There are several simple, and even surprising, things that you can do to make your heart stop racing. From activities that enhance their skills like improving memory to very mundane ones like watching a movie, introverts have their ways of de-stressing. Which one of these do you do? Which one would you like to try out?

• Shop online

For most people, there is just something therapeutic about looking at stuff on Amazon, eBay, etc. For introverts, shopping online also allows them to take their time and make informed decisions when they buy something. Also, there are no big displays or extra items that can entice them to buy more than what they need or want.

• Listen to music

Many people believe in the idea that music can be a great healer. In fact, medical experts have even considered intentional music is listening as an avenue for depression treatment. Introverts are very much in tune with their feelings and choose to immerse themselves in lovely melodies whenever they are stressed.

• Take a whiff of a favorite scent

This is particularly helpful when introverts are in a crowd, anxious and just want to go home. Introverts need something to focus on something during this time, and smelling familiar scent can do the trick. Supposedly, once a person inhales a fragrance, the scent goes to the parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for slowing one’s heart rate.

• Grab a couch and watch a movie

While it can be nice to go to a cinema and watch on the big screen, some introverts prefer to see a good movie while bundled up on the sofa. Yes, it’s not completely quiet time (especially if the movie is Wonder Woman or The Fate of the Furious), but this is a way of chilling for introverts.

• Take a vacay

Who doesn’t take a vacation to relax? Even introverts have places they would love to explore on their bucket list. A vacation need not be far away because there might be places close to home that are worth exploring. Besides, introverts love the travel time itself as much as the destination because it is quiet.

• Work on a hobby

Like everyone else, introverts have hobbies. When anxiety attacks, introverts find themselves doing something familiar to keep the stress at bay. Favorite activities can be painting, blogging, wood working, or even sewing. Introverts like to develop their talents and skills, and stressful situations give them the opportunity to do so.

• Read a book

Yes, de-stressing for introverts can be as simple as settling in one’s chair or bed with a good book. Losing oneself in a different, imaginary world is the perfect antidote to stressful situations. Reading a book is like traveling without the hassle of packing and unpacking an overnight bag.

• Complete a puzzle

It can be as few as fifty pieces or as many as a thousand pieces. It can be a 2D puzzle or a 3D one. It can be cardboard or metallic. Whatever form or number the puzzle pieces come in, introverts find it relaxing to work on a puzzle. Introverts enjoy activities that stimulate their brain and puzzles challenge the brain plenty.

• Take a walk

Whether it is leisurely walking or walk-to-keep-fit kind of walking, this activity is a stress-buster for some introverts. Some enjoy taking in their surroundings as they walk. Others just find it calming putting one foot in front of the other. Walking, some introverts say, stretches their mind.

• Get together with close friends

Even introverts have friends, and who else is a good candidate to rant to about a stressful day than good friends? Although introverts like to be by themselves, it is a huge stress reliever to see faces that are close to one’s heart. However, hanging out with friends doesn’t mean painting the town red. Catching up over coffee at a café or dinner at a quiet restaurant would be the ideal scenario.


Did you know that one-third to almost a half of the world’s population are introverts? J.K. Rowling, Abraham Lincoln, Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, and Mahatma Gandhi are just a few examples of popular introverts. As successful as these people are, they also have stressful days just like everybody else, introvert or extrovert. There is no significant difference as to how introverts relax when compared to extroverts. The important thing is that you realize when it is time to take a deep breath and say, “I need some time out.”

Dealing with extroverts and invasion of personal space are two of the most common causes of stress for introverts. If you are inclined to think that you are an introvert, then remember this tip. When you are thinking of ways to de-stress, you should consider activities that will allow you to a) have your personal space, and b) limit your interaction with extroverts.

Since you know what can cause you anxiety, do not let these situations get the better of you. Voice out your feelings and opinions when with extroverts. Take deep calming breaths when someone invades your personal space. Excuse yourself if you have to, and then find another opportunity to be alone and recover later. There will always be stressful circumstances that will come your way because, in some way or another, you must interact with other people. The level of stress you will go through depends on how you deal with these interactions.