On those days where you’re nonstop moving — maybe you’re jumping between work meetings, parenting duties, household chores — taking a break to recharge might be the last thing on your mind. And yet, research tells us that slowing down to pause actually boosts our productivity, our focus, and our concentration. That’s why we asked our Thrive community to share how they carve out time to reset and recharge during a busy day. Here are the tips they shared with us:

Seek out laughter then spread it with others 

“I use music streaming apps and search for the names of some of my favorite comedians to build a comedy station. Listening for just 15 minutes can help me find something to laugh about. And then I want to tell my family the jokes, which makes the laughs multiply.” 

—Mary N., Kansas City area, MO, P&G

Check in with your colleagues

“At the start of the COVID outbreak and our lockdown situation, six colleagues on my team started having a daily call. These calls help us to unwind and confront our fears, frustrations, and negative feelings. At the same time, they help us recharge ourselves with hope, laughter, and positive thoughts. During any difficult day, we connect virtually and try to find solutions and opportunities. And we share jokes to lift our spirits.”

—Jhilik S., Kochi, India, EY

Try the Pomodoro technique

“I use the Pomodoro technique and schedule 15- or 25-minute segments on my watch to recharge, depending how regularly I need a break and how flow-like my work is. I then take two to three minutes to get up, stretch, or make a drink!” 

—Liam K., U.K., SAP Concur

Spend a few minutes outdoors

“When I realized I’d be stuck at home for a while, I put some effort into cleaning up my deck and making it a more relaxing place. So when the weather is warm, I take some time to read a chapter in a book or watch some TV on the iPad in my cozy outside space. My family knows this is my ‘me time’ and they are usually pretty good about letting me have some peace.”

— Jackie D., San Francisco, CA, Levi’s