I feel compelled to share some recent simple delights with you. The point isn’t about me. It’s to help you remember how little it can take to light up your life, refresh and recharge your brains, and remind you of how much there is to enjoy.

I had a yummy little strawberry tart for breakfast today, complete with a good dollop of whipped cream. Yesterday, I had blueberry cheesecake and some crisp, cold white wine for lunch. Positively sinful. And I adored every bit of these treats.

I stayed in my jams and a dressing gown all day, happily curled up on my bed with my laptop, working and loving every moment.

I watched a film at 8 a.m. one day this week, too. Should have been working, but I wasn’t.

I had a looooooong soak in a reeeeeeally hot bath, not just the usual quick dunk. No music and not a sound to be heard – it’s so deliciously dead silent in this little village in the middle of nowhere – it was delightful. Just me, the hot water and some bubbles that smelled really yummy.

(Photo courtesy of mohamedhassan at freerangestock.com

I had a nap one evening. Oooo, now that was delicious, as I’ve been working on average 14-16 hours most days for quite some time.

I rang a dear friend across the pond and had a long chat. Yum…

I spent some time dreaming about my Big Dream to live in Italy for who-knows-how-long. Mmmmm, a little place by the sea where I can put my feet up and write and drink fabulous Italian wine and eat olives and walk to the market every morning for a few fresh and healthful foods. I love Italy. I love Italian people. I love the language. And so much more.

I enjoyed putting a fresh coat of lovely deep burgundy polish on my fingernails and toenails. Just can’t stand having them naked!

I took a night off work and stayed up chatting with a friend and drinking delicious wine until somewhere close to 4 a.m.

I’ve been chipping away at a bar of chocolate (filled with caramel) that lives in the fridge because then it has a reeeeeeally scrumptious texture. Just a square or two, here and there. Very yum, indeed.

Another time I should have been working, I played the piano for a while instead. I love Chopin. I mean, I really, really, really love Chopin.

I close my eyes quite frequently and listen to the birds outside. They always make me extra happy.

And I close my eyes quite frequently and imagine that I’m with people I love and miss, or I remember precious time spent with them.

I took some time out the other day and looked up jokes online. Some were seriously lame and made me laugh anyway. Others were hilarious and I had fun giggling away here all by myself.

I had company for dinner one night. That was extra nice!

There’s more. There are always nice little tidbits sprinkled here and there throughout my long workdays; it makes them quite pleasurable. I’m so blessed to love what I do – and do what I love.

Live a little here and there! It doesn’t take much to brighten up a busy life. Go on, find yourself some simple pleasures and enjoy!


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