When we talk about exercise, we often think of high-intensity routines, long-distance running or weight-lifting. These types of workouts may intimidate people who crave the health benefits that come from exercise, but don’t have a fitness background.

However, according to Consumer Reports, some low-intensity exercises can be highly beneficial for people seeking to boost their health in a gentle way.

According to the post, traditional Chinese exercises, such as tai chi, combined with focus, breathing and relaxation can improve overall well-being. Potential benefits include alleviating knee and back pain, improved balance and even higher quality of life for cancer patients. People can practice these exercises while sitting, walking or standing, which makes them great options for people at every fitness level.

Additionally, research from the American Heart Association revealed that different types of gentle Chinese exercise, such as tai chi, qigong and baduanjin, can lower blood pressure as well as bad cholesterol in people with cardiovascular disease.

Surprisingly, the study found that the decrease in blood pressure was more significant than the reductions found in studies involving rigorous exercise.

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