In these tough times, some of the best advice comes from people in our community who are finding ways to make better choices to stay healthy, de-stress, and navigate through. Here’s some inspiration and advice from fellow associates!

Games with the family can lighten the mood.

“We’ve started a board game night — It’s just great to set aside time when we put the phones down and have conversations together.” 

—Derek Mathews, Regional Operations Center #9848, Bentonville, AR

Making sure kids know they’re loved is especially important when they’re anxious.

“Even if the kids and I are mad at each other, we say ‘I love you.’”

—Bekki Reynolds, Walmart Customer, Laurens, S.C.

Keeping connected when we can’t see family can be just what these times call for.

“I started a text group and send messages daily to all my family. Just quick things like ‘You are beautiful,’ so they know I care.”

—Jenieve Joseph, Supercenter #855, Union City, GA

Covering for your spouse so they can do something for themselves is a fantastic way to show you care.

“My wife and I have a teamwork mentality and cover for each other with the kids so we can find time to exercise.” 

—Oscar Ayala, Supercenter #2053, Willows, CA

Taking a break from our worries and focusing on our family when we’re with them can help us all feel better.

 “When I’m together with the people I care about, I turn the phone off.”

—Robin Moore, Sam’s Club #6573, Jacksonville, N.C.

Mixing up family time with something active or fun, like a walk or a board game, can be a great way to break up the same-old, same-old. 

“I feel like I had put my kids on a bad road before, where our time was just eating and watching TV. Now we’re focusing on constructive activities for family time.”

—Oneal Garrett, Supercenter #3825, Havelock, N.C.

Checking in on older relatives can make them feel safe and loved — especially when they may be feeling more at risk.

“Once a week I call my grandmother to check in.”


Talking about our days, and not the news, can help us strengthen family bonds.

We don’t have our phones at the dinner table and we talk about our day.

—Michelle Watts, Training Academy #5296, Barboursville, W.V.


  • Marina Khidekel

    Chief Content Officer at Thrive

    Marina leads strategy, ideation and execution of Thrive's content company-wide, including cross-platform brand partnership and content marketing campaigns, curricula, and the voice of the Thrive platform. She's the author of Thrive's first book, Your Time to Thrive. In her role, Marina brings Thrive's audience actionable, science-backed tips for reducing stress and improving their physical and mental well-being, and shares those insights on panels and in national outlets like NBC's TODAY. Previously, Marina held senior editorial roles at Women's Health, Cosmopolitan, and Glamour, where she edited award-winning health and mental health features and spearheaded the campaigns and partnerships around them.