As we wade our way through these ever-changing, ever chaotic times what can we learn? What should we be learning and how does this help us move forward as a human or how do we progress in life? You wouldn’t be alone in thinking we have regressed especially when watching the news or listening to current events taking place. Even so far as the local news is now something to be horrified at for the most part. 

Maybe we should try and simplify things, whilst anxiety and fear seem to be the normal now let’s look and re-establish the steps we are on as humans in this world. We are born into this world and from that moment we begin to grow and we begin to learn. Throughout life we will continue to grow and with this we will continue to learn lessons. We will encounter many crossroads and most of us will look at moments where we made mistakes, pivotal moments maybe but if we change our mindset, there are no mistakes, only lessons and during our time here on earth we will continue to make mistakes until lessons are learnt. 

For many a year I’ve tortured myself over past mishaps but that served no purpose but only to hinder my development as a human. I’ve accepted I will not make mistakes forever however during my entire life I will continue to learn lessons. The world in which we live is amazing. It seems hard for me to comprehend that any better is available and this world is the prize. An amazing prize filled with such beauty and such love. We have often or do often overlook the simplest of things, the smallest moments of pure ecstasy that are often overlooked. That sunset at night, the brightest star that’s always in the sky day after day, the moment your child sleeps tucked into their bed surrounded by soft toys. We are so blessed to be able to experience such magical moments and it’s such a shame we overlook these moments so often and instead give fuel to the fire of rage and anger. 

What we make of life is our choice. Life can be exactly what we think it is, every precious moment can be just that or it can be dismissed as just normal but that’s your choice and your life. When looking to the stars and wondering what’s it all about we forget that ultimately the answers lie within ourselves. I don’t know what the future holds but I know I will enter into it with gratitude, with excitement and most of all with love. I know the loudest voices come from the worst of us but together if we try, if we try just once a day to start maybe we can start to influence the same people who strive to change our outlooks. 

We are champions and we are winners. We have been blessed with the gift of life and we are here to help each other. When you see one with less, one with troubles and those same ones who stumble, instead of walking past let’s stop and help that person up, let’s help them so that they can help somebody else. Let us be the change we want to see and together we can make things happen, not just for ourselves but for our race and the world in which we live. Nothing changes until everything changes, you may not always trust what you see and what you hear but you can trust your heart. 

Let your heart guide you and the rest will follow.