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Finding the freedom to live with a sense of peace might seem unreachable if you watch the news, or listen to naysayers floating around you. The power of creating positive change is within you.

? The world can be a screwy place.

Take a moment and look back at the last week of your life. How many people do you think you talked to in person, on the phone, video chat or social media?

? Of those people, how many shared good and exciting things in their lives or those around them? Any? If they shared positive stories with you, how did those stories make you feel?

☹️ How many of those shared a problem situation? I bet there were likely more of those. How did those make you feel? I know for me, those “Negative Ninnys” frustrate me. It makes me want to stay away from negative people.

➡️ Here’s a reality:You and I both attract the energy of other people. We either absorb the negative junk that people dump on us, or we happily absorb the cheerful things we sometimes hear.

Taking it beyond other people’s actions, it points back to us because you and I attract what we think about. That’s on us, so how do we create goodness in our lives?

Here are some ways to lighten your mood and bring about calm feelings within yourself.

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Listen to Calming Music

If you listen to the world around, there’s an expectation that you’re akways on the go, running… running… running to find that secret to mental calm and physical health. Sometimes you need to slow down and take time for you. Then, you’ll gain the mental clarity needed to see your life in the right perspective.

Music is a great tool for mindfulness and self-help. There’s a free app available for your mobile phone, iPad, or you can visit the Insight Timer website. I use this app all the time.

Even now while writing this article on my iPad, I’m listening to relaxing harp music called, “I See You Harp” by an artist named Pablo Arellano.

There’s an entire collection of music for listening, guided meditations and more. There is a paid version if you want to take courses but I’ve stayed on the free plan.

Take Care of Your Health

Take a walk, ride a bike, allow some time just for you whether it’s at the gym, a pool, or something else. Just move your body. Let’s think about this a moment. If you want to feel alive, shouldn’t you let your body know about that? When you move, you lower your blood pressure and release stress.

My Stroke

I’m not making this stuff up. I allowed myself to stay busy with everything other than time for myself. Then I had a stroke.

I plan a larger article on this later but here’s the quick story of recovery. I was non-functional and could barely walk because I was so dizzy. My blood pressure was going through the roof and my pulse was dangerously low. The brain fog was horrible and some nights I thought were my last.

On those mornings when I was surprised I was still alive, I took a physical inventory of my health. Whenever I told myself, “I’m not feeling well”, I followed that thought and I got worse.

The ironic thing is, I’m a Board Certified Hypnotist. I’ve helped female abuse victims regain their lives after decades of trauma. I understand the power of creating positive beliefs and healthy physical results by what we tell ourselves. A stroke is a scary thing and I invited fear in. I knew it was time to create change.

Just one positive thought in the morning can make a remarkable difference for the rest of your day. I began telling myself:

“I AM and better and better, every day in every way.”

When you’re focusing on creating good health within you, there’s no room for negative issues to pull at you.

From the moment I chose to make a mental shift, things began to change. I began walking short distances. Then, as I could, I walked more. Around the time I started walking, I found an app to track nutrition, calories and exercise. The MyFitnessPal app is available for your mobile phone, iPad and through their website. I use the free version.

Making a Recovery

Two months later I was walking every day and starting to feel alive again. I bought a Fitbit tracker and seven months later; I reached 1.8 million steps, lost 30-pounds and began going to the gym regularly. When anxiety kicked in, exercise was one of my go-to tools and the negative people or situations no longer invaded my mental space.

Speaking of mental space, challenge your mind with positive learning. Each month I download lots of Free Kindle books on Amazon. You can get my free e-book, “Keys to your Success”. It’s a quick read, but it gets right to the point of ways that you can focus on the good. There is a virtually endless catalog of free learning opportunities on YouTube. One of my skills is photography, and I learned Photoshop online watching videos.

What would you like to learn? Look and see, it’s probably there waiting for you.

Your life doesn’t have to be so busy that you don’t have for you. I make a point… EVERY DAY to take a few minutes for a quiet and restful meditation. Meditation doesn’t mean you’re on a mountaintop humming at the birds. It is allowing yourself to breathe any stress of the day out and breathe fresh air in, while clearing your mind. The Insight Timer app I told you about earlier is great to support you for meditation.

Create the Positive Mindset

Here’s one more thing for this article. Since we attract what we think about, how about creating pleasurable things by writing and thinking about them? I plan to cover this in much greater detail in another article, but for now…

Grab a Notebook

  1. Imagine your circumstances now allow you to travel to some special place you’ve always wanted to visit.
  2. Now, write a story about that.
  3. Make it as real as possible and describe how it looks and feels to be there.
  4. Notice how quickly your mood uplifts and you feel positive.

In my next article, we will take this further so you will be in control and able to create good things in your life.

⭐️ About the Author

Anthony M. Davis is a Leadership, Success & Stress Coach, Board Certified Therapist, Top-100 International Travel Photographer. As a Coach, he helps people just like you overcome obstacles & reach their goals. His free book, “Keys to Your Success” is available now.

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