Have you ever thought about your daily routine and how it could be impacting your wellbeing? On average, our daily routines consist of eating, sleeping, commuting to work or school and running errands, with an hour or two set aside for activities we love. Considering these factors, we could be spending more time inside than we may realize. In fact, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average American spends approximately 93% of their life indoors.

While everyone prioritizes their time getting active and going outdoors differently, a recent study in the journal of Scientific Reports found spending at least 120 minutes outside a week is beneficial for your health and wellness. Especially in the warmer months, implementing a few simple changes to your routine to get outside more and enjoy the weather, can positively impact both your mental and physical health.

Switch it up: Add in a few simple tweaks

First, think about your current routine and where you have room to change it up. Whether it’s before or after work/school, or during the weekend, try to take advantage of nicer weather and make the extra effort to be active outdoors when you can. While it’s much easier to sit down, prop your feet up and watch a show, you’ll feel more motivated and rejuvenated after some fresh air.

Try adding in a daily walk, whether it’s around the neighborhood for a short period of time or a local park for longer, any distance is a great start. If you have a dog, try extending your walks; it’s great for you, and your pup will enjoy it too! With that, if you do have a daily exercise routine, try relocating outdoors in your backyard or park. Instead of the treadmill or indoor bike, go for a run around the block, rent a bike, or find a local trail. A change of atmosphere can be beneficial, especially when scenic views are involved. If you’re into yoga, grab a mat, seek out a shady spot and follow your favorite sequence. If working out indoors is a must, try doing your cool down outdoors – fresh air and stretching in the sun after a hard workout is a great way to relax.

Sometimes, you don’t even need to go out of your way

Grab a friend or family member and try to spend that pre-planned time together outdoors. Whether it’s sitting outside at a coffee shop, going for a stroll in a local park, or grabbing a bite to eat outside, you could feel happier in the sunshine and more productive. Outdoor seating during meals is always enjoyable, and you could even try planning a picnic with your friends or loved ones. During work hours, you might even be able to take a break and go for a walk outside. If you’re meeting with a colleague for an internal meeting, suggest going outside for a walk to grab coffee instead.

Get outside of your comfort zone, alone or with others

If you’ve never been into camping or hiking, it could be worth trying! Dedicating a weekend to place yourself outside of your comfort zone and trying new outdoor hobbies could lead you somewhere great – you could discover something you love, that’s also beneficial to your health. Plus, you’ll see beautiful views and be connected with nature. Bring a friend, significant other, or a family member and use these activities as a bonding experience.

While you can’t always control how much time you spend outside, it’s important to try to implement tips and make more of an effort to get active and enjoy the sunshine. Don’t be afraid to add new activities into the mix. If you’re in need of a switch up and want to add more activity into your schedule, these simple tricks could help you do just that. Sometimes air is all you need to re-center yourself and give you that natural energy you’re yearning for.