Eating better isn’t about willpower — it’s about the small choices we make to set ourselves up for success. Here are six creative ideas that may inspire you.

Add spinach to any sauce or recipe for an extra boost of nutritional greens.

—Clare Creegan, Dallas, TX

Try baking or steaming your foods instead of frying them. 

—Tria Orr, Atlanta, GA

Add vegetables to a smoothie to get an extra serving of vitamins and nutrients. 

––Erlenneys Ibarra Carbrera, Tampa, FL

Use smaller plates to trick your brain into feeling fuller with less food. 

—Bryan Rosado, Bayamón, P.R.

Keep a food diary to track what you’re eating throughout the day. 

—Abimbola Somoye, San Antonio, TX

Dedicate one day a week to meal prepping. 

—Linda Osborne, Dyersberg, TN