Seeing someone’s activity on Instagram Stories seems to have become a habit for Instagram users. Instagram Stories seem to accommodate users’ curiosity about other people’s lives. Even so, in fact there are some people who do not want to be caught confused. For example, when they want to “peek” at their ex-boyfriend’s daily life, or certain people who are not friends with each other. Well, for users who are curious but don’t want to be caught, there are several ways that can be done. The following are tips and tricks to view other people’s Instastory without being caught,

1. Take a peek at Stories slowly

This is one of the simplest ways to “peek” on other people’s Instagram Stories, without the account owner knowing. To do this, you can simply view Instagram Stories from the account to the right of the account you want to view.

2. Via free apps (Android/iOS)

Another way is to install  Instagram story viewer apps to watch the IG Stories anonymously. These services are available on the Google Play Store (Android) and App Store (iOS). For Android users, you can install an app called BlindStory. As for iOS users, you can rely on an app called Repost Stories. Both of these applications have the same function, namely to peek at other people’s Instagram Stories without the account owner knowing. Interestingly, with the Repost Stories (iOS) application, you can also save  and upload Instagram Stories content. Whereas in BlindStory (Android), you can only view content from the account you want to view.

3. Use the extension

You can also view other people’s Instagram Stories anonymously through “Extensions”. To do this, type the keyword “Chrome IG Story” in the search field in Google Chrome. Then click “Add to Chrome” and wait for Chrome to process the installation of the extension. Next, there will be a Love icon that appears on the right side of the site address field in the browser. Once the extension is installed, you can open Instagram via the desktop Chrome browser. You can directly log in to your account. You can enable extensions and disable them at will. If you activate the Love icon, you can see the content of Stories shared by friends without being caught. Please note, this feature does not apply to viewing Stories of people who are not your friends on Instagram.

4. Via a dedicated website

You can peek at Instagram Stories without being caught by visiting the  site. There, you just enter the name of the Instagram account of the person you want to see. For example, you want to see Instastory @Sepani (using @). You simply enter the name of the @Sepani account in the ” Search ” field. Later, a row of Instagram Stories will appear uploaded by the @Sepani  account. Besides peeking, you can also save  the content. Keep in mind, you can only view other people’s Instastory whose account is Public, not Private.

5. Activate Airplane Mode

You can rely on Airplane Mode if you want to see other people’s Instagram Stories. The first way you have to do is open the Instagram application via your smartphone (Android/iOS). Then, go to the usual Instagram Stories sequence that appears on your Instagram timeline. After that, enable Airplane Mode in the phone settings menu. If Airplane Mode is already on, you can return to the Instagram app and open the Instagram Story you want to view. This way, the people you want to point to won’t know that you’ve seen their Instagram Stories.