The year 2021 has arrived with lots of new hope and increased scope of normalization, which we have missed an entire year due to the onset of the pandemic. In the meantime, most of us are still going to have to work from home. While it does not sound that bad, but we find a lot of people complaining about the lack of focus and productivity as they miss the office environment at home that made them more productive. 

Here are a few simple ways you can easily increase your work productivity in no time while working from home. 

1. Create a Dedicated Workspace:

Most of you while working from home tend to comfortably sit on the bed or just stretch on your cozy sofa to work. The reason you feel more productive in the office is that you have a dedicated workspace and as soon as you sit there and work, you get into the work mode. Sitting in the relaxing areas of your home will not trigger your mind to stay more productive. It is essential to dedicate a space in our home where you can set up an office desk and chair and work. Remember to set an office type environment by getting stationery supplies at Office Corporate so you have all the supplies needed to work efficiently and boost productivity.

2. Make a Routine:

While working from home, you also get involved in doing multiple chores around which may clash with your working hours and cause chaos. Also, as you do not have to wake up every morning to rush to work, you may get into a disruptive routine. Create an efficient routine as per your convenience and stick to it every day.

3. Dress Up for Work:

Do not work wearing pajamas. Comfortable home clothes will make you feel lethargic. To get into a work zone, wear work clothes at home. This will drive you into working mode and increase your productivity. 

4. Decide Upon Your Working Hours:

A few people may have a fixed working schedule they need to stick to, which cannot be changed. Others who can work on their own should fix a number of working hours, especially around the time they are the most productive. This will bring in work discipline. 

5. Inform Your Family About Your Work Hours:

When you are home, your family members may tend to do things around you that may disturb you unintentionally. Inform them about your working schedule so they are cautious about not disturbing you at work.

6. Remember to Shut Down Your Work Timely:

Several people have complained that as they work from home, they tend to work more than usual as their laptop is always around. Well, this habit is not recommended as it will give you less personal time, which may lead to diminishing your productivity. Remember to shut down timely every day as personal time is as important as your working time.

The Bottom Line:

As the vaccines are due soon, you may start working from the office soon. Be it working from home or office, do not forget to take breaks to self-care and spend time with your family. Your productivity will always increase when you are mentally healthy, and maintaining a balanced work and personal life will boost your mental health. 


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