Any parent knows the time and worry spent wondering if our children will grow up to be happy. Sometimes it even seems like that worry will swamp our ability to enjoy the small stuff, the joyful moments of spontaneity and serenity. Even though we can’t capture time in a bottle, there are ways to invest in our children so that we can worry just that little bit less.

Eat Together At Home

Children need community, nowhere more so than at home. Eating together at home is one of the best ways to make sure that your children are healthy and nourished both inside and out. Homemade meals are less likely to include processed foods, fewer fried foods, and less salt and fat. Even better, make dinner with the kids, so they can be learning valuable life skills while spending some quality time with you. Then, when dinner is served sit down together and talk: talk about the good parts of your day, the upsetting parts, the funny parts. No time is more valuable than time shared over a family meal so don’t let it be interrupted by screens – either the tv or your phone. 

Play Together Outside

We all know by now that screen time for children should be limited. But outdoor time, with fresh air and exercise, needs to be maximized so they can benefit from the myriad of positive side effects sport and exercise can have. If you don’t live somewhere that has easy access to outdoor space, why not try finding a sports league or recreational centre they can join. Teamwork is an excellent skill for children, teaching them not only physical strength, but emotional control as well. And the physical activity of sport helps children grow in coordination through practice and discipline. This sort of learning helps their bodies both inside and out and helps instill in them a healthy lifestyle.

Winding Down the Day

After a full day of activity, like sports or school, children need some space to wind down. Baths or showers are great spaces for them to not only clean their bodies but clean their minds. To help scrub some of that dirt away, pick one of the best shampoo for kids to help them keep that outside healthy. After they’ve rinsed off, got their pjs on and clambered into bed, it’s a great time to squeeze in a bit of reading. Depending on their age, they might read alone or you can read aloud to them. Children need between 9 and 14 hours of sleep, depending on their age, and that is best done in a completely quiet and dark room where their bodies can get the rest they need in preparation for another day of learning and growing that comes with the dawn.

We promised simple, right? Right. These strategies are easy to implement and will ensure your children thrive inside out.