Heart is a place far away from any gaze, scrutinize inspection or any kind of examination. It’s your hidden territory, where you decide rules either to accept or to refuse. Purity of any heart is only known either by the possessor or by the creator. Unfortunately in the midst of daily routine’s hustle we rarely took time to sit and examine our inner strength. Purity that lies deep in is seeking a single uplift. In the center of others filthiness we fear to bring out our pureness. It took a back seat and becomes our subconscious and gradually we forget that precious gift God bestowed us once.

God says: Neither my heaven nor My earth embrace Me, but the heart of My Believing servant does embrace Me.

I came across this narration from the book “Me and Rumi”. I found it very simple yet so powerful. How come a tiny heart can embrace someone so huge and massive existence? Moreover amazingly you place him in your heart and he becomes yours. And then it does not ends here furthermore he says

I am as My servant Thinks (expect).

I expect him as merciful and he will be merciful with me. These simple narrations can make our life so easy. I wonder why I haven’t come across these in my nurture hood. Why we scare a 3 year old child with his wrath, if you will not do it like this Allah will punish you. Why we don’t tell them, have a clean heart and you will find him. We scare them first and then invite them to come closer to his teachings. Let’s not make it a race where you have to get as much deeds as you can. Rather do a deed best enough that become heavier over all. Let’s start it with small tiny steps and then teach them to walk towards Him.