Dearest Readers,

On Planet Earth we may all have different opinions about the meaning of power and how it could possibly affect our lives if one day we could indeed reach that position of great power. But very often the largest part of individuals that wish to acquire power, that seek it so badly, desire it only for themselves in order to exercise power on others and in doing so missing the point or at least missing it from the spiritual point of view.

In fact, power, contrary to popular belief, is a spiritual experience of a very positive nature as one thing is to hold a position of power and another is to be truly powerful from within. In truth, power is an internal state of being that has nothing to do with which role we may hold in our society but much more to do with the state of our consciousness and with being able to master our own consciousness.

Real power is not motivated by greed, ambition or a desire to emerge above everyone else, often crashing others on the way up if they are either on the way or in disagreement. The act of imposing our will on top of someone else’s will is not an act of power but one of overpowering. And yet, willpower, the will, is involved as real power is the power of our will or to be more precise the power to align our will to divine will…

It is also the power to recognize our own divinity and the divinity in all beings and in all things that will gift us the ultimate power, which is simply Spiritual Power and Spiritual Power doesn’t belong to one or a chosen few but belongs to us all if we can will ourselves to discover it and grow it within us – because we are all the chosen ones and we are all equal….

So what is True Spiritual Power?

1. Tue Spiritual Power is the full expression of our creation, when we are free from blockages and ready to co-create with Spirit without any self-imposed limitations. It is our Spirit that will inspire and enliven all that we wish to manifest…and to be able to create our own reality in such a way is super powerful…

2. True Spiritual Power is to master all the different aspects of our consciousness…if we let our anger, selfishness, pride, shame, lack of patience, jealousy, envy, lack of self-worth, unforgiveness, blaming and judging others, stinginess, etc…rule us, believe me there is nothing powerful about that as we shall be constantly destabilized by a weak core and it may become more and more challenging to use our power with integrity.

3. True Spiritual Power is to live in open heart without being affected by any forms of fears. To accept, to let go, to have compassion and to know how to forgive shows real power, the power of love, the only medicine that can heal everything including our deepest soul wounds…

4. True Spiritual Power is not giving our power away to the Ego or to illusions but to recognize the truth of things beyond the filters of the many veils, of the many blind spots, distortions, false belief systems, conditionings that belong to the old paradigms… and the meaning which is usually associated with power is one of them.

5. True Spiritual Power is to acknowledge the equality of all beings, doesn’t matter if they are rich or poor, which skin color they may be, which religion they may belong to…Divinity is all embracing as we are all equally divine and to acknowledge this truth will make us really powerful, bringing on the power of one, oneness instead of divisions, blaming, wars etc….

6. True Spiritual Power is to respect Gaia, Mother Earth and everything in it. To respect all animals, trees, plants, flowers, minerals, all the waterways learning to look at the Earth itself as something sacred and not something to ravish, to take from, to abuse. Spiritual Power is awareness not just toward the Self and all others but also includes having full awareness regarding our environment.

7. True Spiritual Power is to share power with everyone else, as spiritual power is knowledge and knowledge has to be given freely and in abundance to feed the mind and hearts of all others without retracting important informations that could support many to transform and embrace their own power.

And now is time to ask you, dearest reader, where do you lack power in your life?

~Are you able to create your reality in the most positive way?

~Do aspects of your consciousness rule you?

~Do you live in open heart and without fear? 

~Do you give your power away to your Ego and to your illusions?

~Do you live by the law of Divinity recognizing that everyone is equal?

~Do you respect Mother Earth or do you live in ignorance regarding this?

~Do you withhold what you know from others so they will be less powerful then you because of lack of knowledge?

Please be gentle with yourself as we are all here to learn our lessons and there is nothing wrong if the answer to some of these questions is YES…

Don’t forget to be the loving observer and to simply observe yourself with kindness as whatever needs shifting in your consciousness regarding your personal idea about power can now be transformed, as you were simply not aware of these teachings before….

We all have the power of transformation, the power to learn our lessons once they are understood, the power to change our lives, our realities, the power to love, the power to forgive. We just didn’t remember the true meaning of power because mostly it has been confined and defined by illusions like for example, the strong rules over the weak, or you must become famous to be powerful or you must be super rich to achieve power or you must be a king, a politician or a general to truly have power, etc…

But what we forget is that famous people are only powerful because we gave them that power. Many of us gave them power through electing them, watching them on TV or the big screen, listening to their music, following them on Instagram, idolizing them….

And while is beautiful to recognize other’s talent and to celebrate it, lets not give our power away believing that we are not as worthy as they are in our own unique ways as everyone has special gifts.

Ultimately we must all acknowledge that we have our own source of power within and to become conscious of it will shift us and our own reality in very powerful ways….

All my Love&Light until next week,

Claudia xxx