Dearest Readers,

One of the main factors of why becoming more conscious is vital, lays in the spiritual key of building peace, of building the peace’s foundation within the Self, as this is indeed one of the most precious puzzle pieces in leading us out of disconnection and back into our hearts.

What is peace?

Peace is an energetic vibration that embodies a spectrum of many other high frequencies of light such as love, harmony, oneness, faith, forgiveness.

Peace represents the ultimate result, the harmonization and the amalgamation of all of these different qualities of light bringing into balance so much within us. We can look at it as an alchemical formula of light that once infuses our heart and chakra system, it gifts us with this great sense of calm, clarity and stillness, which we call peace.

So in order to achieve this peaceful state of being, we must start from within us as if we don’t go through the process ourselves what is the chance to ever achieve peace in our world if we are not even capable of creating it for ourselves and our families?

To become the peacemakers is indeed our responsibility; our contribution to humanity as without this initial act of awareness it is almost impossible to move much further into the realization of something so sacred to each one of us…peace on our planet.

So if you dream of a peaceful world don’t look any further than your own heart, your own consciousness and please, start using your power as a creator to increase the peace level within yourself.

We must realize that because our own consciousness is made by many aspects some in the light and some not, our interior selves may feel like a battlefield at times in which we may all experience lack of peace.

And then there is the Ego’s scale that will weigh, scan and judge both the Self and others, or any situations, creating at times no peace but more disagreements and contradictions based on the Ego own ideas of self-protection. 

Peace can be destabilized within us by both internal and external factors but because we originate everything in the end, including our own karma, the external factors usually act as triggers, as lessons to teach us, in this case, about choosing peace instead of denied it.

To learn to bring peace consciously within our hearts, it does require to put in practice some of the most basic spiritual teachings that we should all learn, the ones especially about love, faith and forgiveness, because without the capacity of opening our hearts to love and forgiveness and to have faith in humankind, I am afraid that peace can not be easily found or fully experienced.

But once we make this first super important step of beginning to take responsibility for letting go of our internal struggles and instead embracing peace, then we can move towards the next aim, which is the one to create more peace within our families and circle of friends. So to expand the peace becomes our next step as to grow peace within us means we must grow peace also around us.

And now, as I am asking you to do every week, please take a moment and look deeply inside yourself becoming once again the loving observer of your own consciousness and the way you behave….

Where is peace lacking in your reality? And what are the internal issues you struggle with the most regarding being peaceful? And what are the external factors that block you from being the peacemaker?

You may want to create 2 columns~ one where you can write all that brings you peace and on the other column, you may write the opposite, including what triggers you the most when you are unable to create peace, as this is the important key because ultimately you are the creator.

And yet again, to accept without judgment that you may act in negatives ways sometimes, that go against generating peace with yourself and others, it is part of the process of moving your consciousness forward with humility and compassion without blaming always others for the lack of peace within or around you.

And I don’t ask you to compromise either but to start to observe others or present situations with more of a spiritual eye as spiritual eyes look at everything differently, not anymore from your own narrow point of you, but from a much wider panoramic view that embraces other’s points of view as well, one that truly looks forward to how to create peace instead of conflicts through much more compassionate understandings which are guided by heart and mind together.

Letting go of the egocentrics ways that so mark our society is what will help us best in bringing the focus back on peace…  

Can we do this??

The answer is that we don’t have much of a choice if we really wish for this world to truly change for the better and we are all equally responsible for it.

This is when being conscious become something that everyone can more easily comprehend because the human heart, the spiritual brain, is well equipped at all different level of awareness to know what peace is and feels like, to know what love is and feels like….

We all have this same ability inside of us and it is time we became so much more conscious of the fact that peace does matter…

And each one of us is equally important on this planet because we all have the power of transforming ourselves in the peacemakers if this is our choice…

Sending you much Love&Light until next week

Claudia xxx