Welcome to Simply Consciousness…. I am honored today to have the opportunity to interview musician, author, artist & speaker David Young.  David can playtwo Renaissance flutes at one time, has sold more than 1,000,000 CDs of various albums, & has has been nominated for two Grammy’s. People call his music the most heavenly, healing music on the planet. 

  • Over 20,000 healers and healing centers all over the world use his music which reaches 300,000 people every day. 
  • It is said that more people have had out of body experiences listening to his music than any musician alive today. 
  • Over 7,500 attendees of his events have shared having a conversation or spiritual travel with Jesus, Buddha, St Germain, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, an Archangel, had a past life experience or have reconnected with one of their loved ones in Heaven

 What is your definition of consciousness?

Consciousness is what we are aware of so higher consciousness is what we become as we grow spiritually and meditation is the driving force of our unfoldment.

 How did your awareness process started?

I started meditating 36 years ago when I was 22 and never stopped. In the beginning I didn’t know what to call God because there are so many religions in the world so I called IT “Whoever Whatever” for a couple of years figuring I was covering all my bases….

What are you the most aware of in your daily life?

People on the spiritual path with good energy as well as people who have the opposite.

I’m also aware of the difference between great music and mediocre music since I’m a musician as well as the difference between great paintings and mediocre paintings since I’m also a painter.

What was the deepest internal change that you have personally experienced from transforming your consciousness and how it did impact your life in both spiritual and practical ways?

Learning to completely trust my intuition. That’s the most valuable gift God Gave us in my opinion because we then have access to higher knowledge and survive just about anything.

What is the best advice, words of wisdom that you would like to share with our readers about the importance of becoming more conscious?

Spirituality is finally mainstream and meditation and intuition are now accepted as important parts of our reality that bring us to higher levels of consciousness.

Please inspire us by telling us about your current project or projects.

My new coffee table sized full color book, The True Story of Jesus and his Wife Mary Magdalena is currently being made into a movie in Hollywood.

What is the biggest problem in the world today?

Republicans have chosen to support a President who breaks the law on a daily basis and has compromised everything that America and the Constitution stands for.

Make America Great Again!!


(My idea for a tshirt.)