Welcome to Simply Consciousness…. I am honored today to have the opportunity to interview Qala Sri’ama Phoenix, Founder of the Divine University.

Can you please tell us a bit about yourself?

I am a spiritual teacher, author and the founding mother of The Divine University. I live a blessed Life, through my loving relationship with the Divine, and also blessed to be a mother and grandmother. I became a Spiritual teacher at the young age of 33, and world service became my daily life focus and I let go of having personal goals. For the last 20 years I have been travelling the Earth, teaching with an Enlightened accompaniment of Archangels, Angels, and providing new education and divine energy to many beautiful people who all share the same heart wish – to live in the open heart and make their special contribution to their family, community & our world. I have been blessed to facilitate hundreds of teaching programs, world meditations and retreats in over 30 countries and to live in awe of the beauty of Mother Earth.  

What is your definition of consciousness?

Consciousness is the pure light substance we all hold as Souls, within the crystalline core of our physical bodies. It is also held within all beings and in the field of life. When our Soul’s inner light is awakened and activated, our consciousness releases to circulates through our spinal cord and brain and circulates through our central nervous system to radiate through our field and this gives us higher awareness, more energy, power and Presence. When our energy field raises in light vibration, we are naturally more capable, loving, aware, focused and able to reach our Human Potential. We all have the potential to raise our consciousness and reach higher levels of Super-consciousness connection. We all carry this inner light. When our energy field and hearts need cleansing, and our crystal core needs to be activated, there is little light or consciousness flowing through our body, mind and energy field and this determines our lower state of being. This can easily change, as everyone can transform and blossom when they open their heart connection & raise the light vibration of their energy field and connect to the core of their Soul. Exactly how to do this is what we teach people who Join the Divine University.   

How did your awareness process start?

My higher awareness & heart was opened through an amazing form of divine assistance I received from the Divine University, as I worked through a deep process of fear & I finally surrendered my mind’s plan to step into the unknown. My awareness awakened to many Spiritual Presences and Higher Guides that assisted me through a 2 year process of cleansing, healing, recalibration, divine energy infusions. From this journey my feelings, thoughts, perceptions & consciousness transformed as I became reconnected and evolved as a higher form of myself. Forever changed. My higher gifts then began opening most surprisingly, gifts that previously I had no awareness had been hidden inside of me all my whole life. My gift as a teacher, and the divine energy of what seemed like an infinite source of teachings birthed out of me after this, leading me to travel to over world as a Spiritual Teacher.

What are you the most aware of in your daily life?

It amazing how much grace, ease, love, clarity and natural flow of energy we can all experience when we open our hearts and divine connection and truly connect the eternal flame of our heart around each person or situation we meet in life. The power of our hearts embracing what comes towards us creates amazing outcomes and opens new doorways of opportunity. Our approach to Life is essential to the quality of life we experience. Life becomes extraordinary when we expand our heart energy around others and embrace them with our love, light and power. There are only positive outcomes and positive exchanges, for every person responds to bring the highest out of themselves and their best to the table when they are embraced with clear heart energy. Every person I meet can learn to do this, can cleanse their heart energy and open it. This is our human potential and with this empowerment, we all can positively influence every dilemma, dynamic, experience to have a positive outcome.

What was the deepest internal change that you have personally experienced from transforming your consciousness and how it did impact your life in both spiritual and practical ways?

Through raising the light vibration of my body and field and establishing my divine connection, my shifts in consciousness gave me peace, love, joy, wholeness, acceptance of myself and the world, and a new direction aligned to my higher purpose with greater meaning in my life. The greatest change was that there was no lower vibrational energy or lower thoughtforms in my mind, pulsing me to judge the world, others, myself or others. My inner reality unified and I was no longer battling with myself, and I became full simply from my energy connection with the Universe and Earth. I no longer relied on others for energy and was freed to love people unconditionally. My life view became universal and less personal. I felt the hand of Divine Grace upon me and directing me. My life became easy and graceful.

What is the best advice, words of wisdom that you would like to share with our readers about the importance of becoming more conscious?

Without raising our energy levels and awareness, we stay in the same life experiences and we begin to identify ourselves as our life problems. Your Soul’s Growth is a wonderful journey of birthing your Soul through your heart to experience yourself as whole and connected to all of life. A journey of self-discovery which leads to peace, well-being, happiness, fulfilment, and for some that choose it, enlightenment & release from the wheel of karma. It requires you to open yourself up more, instead of allowing your Ego to close your heart, mind or body because situations are not exactly how you want them to be. To grow we must be willing to let go of attachments to more superficial desires or wants in life to be able to reach beyond our surface personality to the deeper connection of our Soul, our heart and inner light. Learning to care for your heart and your energy field powerfully expedites your shift in consciousness. When your heart and energy field are clear, you have wholistic perceptions, feelings, responses, relationships allowing the best version of yourself to arise.

Please inspire us by telling us about your current project or projects?

I love facilitating The Win -Win Thinking – Super-Consciousness Training (Self Mastery Club). This is my training, offering a profound energy and consciousness shift over 6 months. It creates real shift in people’s lives, and anyone can register. It offers you amazing audios, pdfs and a monthly chat with me.


The Divine University has an amazing free membership and amazing group of mentors and teachers. I highly recommend for everyone to join our free heart portal membership. You will receive so much divine energy and support. The Heart Portal is an amazing sacred energy space of love & protection, which supports your transformation process. www.thesiriuslibrary.com

I also have a wonderful new Q-Light Channel podcast launching soon on the Sirius Library website.

What is the biggest problem in the world today?

Our largest world problem is humanity’s energetic disconnection from the Earth and their own hearts. This is the cause of all other problems. Our eco-systems in nature are breaking down too rapidly and nature needs regeneration, as Humanity for hundreds of years have been taking too much from the Earth and not giving back, and this has caused an imbalance to the cycles of life and nature. Changing how we manage our world affairs and our own personal lives, so they reflect respect and protection of the Earth is our path ahead as an Evolving Humanity. To do this we must all open our hearts to the Earth and each other. As we start radically giving to the Earth Mother & making deeper and truer connection from our Hearts to the Heart of the Earth, we will implement solutions. Everyone has a special puzzle piece with this, and we all have the power to give back to establish this balance.