Dearest readers,

The moment I was asked to write a column for Thrive Global, I knew that it had to be about consciousness.

Why? Because you may not yet have the full awareness of this, but consciousness is simply either what may greatly support us or what may affect us deeply on daily basis. To understand more about how our consciousness works is a necessary step to take in order to achieve internal well-being.

So if you are interested in feeling much more balanced, peaceful and positive, please read on….

The first question that you may ask yourself right now is what is all the fuss about consciousness and what is the meaning of it??

Just prior to writing this article, I decided to google the definition of the word consciousness and what caught my attention the most was actually a skeptical description from a well-known Dictionary of Psychology.

Consciousness- The having of perception, thoughts and feelings; awareness.

The term is impossible to define except in terms that are unintelligible without a grasp of what consciousness means. Many fall into the trap of equating consciousness with self consciousness- to be conscious it is only necessary to be aware of the external world. Consciousness is a fascinating but elusive phenomenon: it is impossible to specify what it is, what it does or why it has evolved.

What struck me the most about this interpretation of the word consciousness is the fact that is defined as a fascinating but elusive phenomenon and that in order to be conscious, it is only necessary to be aware of the external world.

This description could not have been more faraway from all that I learned in the past 13 years as a student and now Mentor of New Spiritual Education at the Divine University –  where it is has been clearly explained that the vital key of our evolution is inner work.

Consciousness is different from the intelligence of our mind; it is much more vast, multidimensional in nature and encompasses all the knowledge and wisdom that our souls collected across many different experiences in our numerous lifetimes.

Consciousness is the spiritual intelligence that needs to be exercised in order to grow and expand as much as our physical body if we wish to have a fit figure or our brain if we wish to evolve mentally.

It is no elusive phenomenon. It is very real and influences us in the positive and equally in the negative.

We are consciousness beyond our thoughts and feelings and we all have so much more consciousness that meets the eyes. We may call this vaster, more expanded awareness Higher Consciousness or Super Consciousness. We all possess it but simply forgot how to access it.

When we learn again to focus within, we begin to connect once more to our Higher Consciousness, our fuller consciousness, which takes us to a state of clearer truth about ourselves, shifting our core beliefs and many of the conditions and old paradigms that effected us from childhood and beyond. It is the shifting of the old consciousness into our higher one that brings us deep transformation, supporting us to reach a new level of awareness and self-realization.

So now, this is my challenge, to be able to explain you to the best of my ability that there is nothing vague about consciousness, that it is indeed what is within us and everything in our being is a direct result stemming from the state of our own awareness or the lack of it.

All that is negative in us or in the condition of where humanity is at is because of lack of consciousness that creates blind spots.

All that is positive is simply because higher consciousness has been seeded within us and in the collective of humanity helping us to grow into beautiful and purposeful beings that can easily reach their highest potential…

And it is simply the state of our consciousness that will determine which kind of reality we may also built for ourselves…

In the following weeks, I am looking forward to sharing with you what is helping me to evolve within my own state of awareness. I will also interview others that hold a deep understanding of this subject and, like myself, changed much both internally and externally because of it.

The purpose of this column is simply to help you to become much more aware, learning to apply your own consciousness in a very practical way, supporting you to have a higher quality in your daily life -to be more fulfilled, to be more who you truly are….

All that we need is already within us and to transmute and expand our consciousness is to thrive in every way…

Sending you all my Love&Light until next week…