Dearest Readers, patience must be one of the most underrated of human virtues as in this present world hardly anyone has the patience to wait for reality to gracefully unravel, chasing instead the belief that all we desire must manifest not just instantly but also in the exact way we want it.

So –I want it now– has to be one of the most popular collective thoughts on this planet but if we can’t get it now for whatever reason, this may manipulate us into believing that somehow we failed, that we have not enough, that we are not enough because we can’t manifest all of our wanting and desires.

To start with, I would like to share the understanding that when we have attachments to our wanting and desires, we don’t let spirit in to co-create with us and therefore we are limiting our reality and our spiritual growth putting automatically all of these conditions on our daily thoughts, words and actions without allowing the magical element to enter our life and serve us instead with the mysterious highest potential.

So our wanting and desires are in fact becoming major obstacles between us and our power of manifestations as what we wish for may not be what we truly need in order to grow and evolve.

In spiritual terms, patience is looked upon as one of the greatest qualities that must be embodied in order to release expectations and therefore have the freedom of living a more balanced life in our outmost integrity.

So to became patient, even if challenging at times, can open up for us a very different perspective where we can engage and interact in alternative and more holistic ways bringing positive changes and transforming our consciousness wherever is necessary so that we can always move forward gracefully and in the right direction.

In truth, most of us live in perpetual expectation, never happy or grateful for what we have already.

I want more is the other modern days mantra usually based on the material…

To gain more possessions seems to be what many of us aspire to…more money, more success, more handbags, more technology devices, etc… The weight of acquiring more stuff is making us heavy; stuff that we don’t even need but it is so easy to convince our mind otherwise, that we must have it all because this is part of the pattern of comparing ourselves to others, the pattern that is telling us that others have so much more then we do…so the pressure is on and this is how we begin to loose patience with ourselves, constantly judging our inability to possess more or achieving less then others.  

This lack of patience is blinding us from understanding the truth, that we are caught in this superficial game of appearances where nothing is as it seems…

Do we really believe that if someone has more then us materially, they also possess more peace, more happiness then us?

This is a common illusion that veils our consciousness, a blind spot that is leading us to believe a very old program installed through the matrix of the collective thoughts of humanity…

To possess= equal happiness is an equation that doesn’t add up in spiritual mathematics.

We are taught instead about patience and Divine Time, that there is a Divine Time for absolutely everything.

So, we can struggle and struggle to want more and want it now but if this is not meant for us and there is instead a deep lesson we must learn about this, we may well bang our head against the wall of karma as our wantings are not going to be answered till the lesson is understood by us with a good dose of humility. But when this happens, then, we may unlock new possibilities for ourselves that we couldn’t think were achievable previously.  

This can only be mastered through becoming patient equally with others and ourselves.

So my question to you today is- Where do you lack patience in your life? What is triggering this absence of patience and why?

If you are able to pinpoint this, maybe you can start to write it down as it will help you to see more clearly about your own lack of patience, supporting you to grow it where it is mostly needed so that you can heal from old patterns and stop comparing yourself to others…

Maybe throughout this process you may instead start to look at yourself with different eyes, acknowledging you have your own special qualities, realizing that you are unique, capable of making your own special contribution to society and that comparing yourself to others is an energetic waste of time.

Again to focus within, not involving others in the picture, is the name of the spiritual game, in which you are supposed to empower yourself, this time through patience, instead of throwing away precious energy, blaming yourself or projecting the blaming towards others.

There is nothing wrong about being ambitious but we may learn to be ambitious in a very different way, where our ambition is not just limited to the self, to only what we may get just for ourselves but does embrace as well the good of others and is based on patience and love instead of being based on the fear of loosing to another our position in society because we don’t have enough or we are not enough compare to other people…

And patience is also a vibration of light that can grow and expand inside us, gifting us with wisdom, clarity and the vision on how to move forward in a much more grounded way as if we learn to slow down a little bit, bringing patience in, we can look all of a sudden to a much larger overall view about our direction in life, transforming much on the way and anchoring more of the truth of our own heart instead of following what is not so aligned to our heart only because many others are following a path that ultimately is not though really serving us.

We must become the leaders of our own heart, the creators of our reality and doing it with full consciousness awareness and not as if we are like the blind leading the blind…

Patience is simply one of the most essential qualities required for shifting our old ways into the new ways, for progressing and liberating ourselves from the slavery of limitations produced by all of our wanting and desires that block us from delving into the universal abundance, knowledge and wisdom that is truly accessible to us all if this is our conscious choice.

Sending you all my Love&Light until next week

Claudia xxx