Dearest Readers, welcome to the first article on the subject of using our consciousness with more awareness and more focus, helping us to have a better understanding on how we can function with much more clarity and integrity in our daily life.

It is also time to have a deeper comprehension of the meaning of pure spirituality. The fundamental difference between pure spirituality and religions is the absence of Dogma. Certainly, there is of course a strong spiritual component within the various religions that without a doubt helps greatly all of its followers.  

Pure spirituality simply gifts us with great personal empowerment through Self Mastery, teaching us to remember that we are the masters of our own conscious awareness, and supporting us to open our hearts to more love, compassion and no judgment.

 So please lets also dispel the illusion that many hold regarding anything spiritual outside of religion, considering it airy-fairy because pure spirituality has indeed a very solid and practical side. It is the study of how our consciousness truly works, showing us the ways in which it can affect us deeply or support us to achieve everything that we really need. We have free will and the choice of being truly aware or not, is only ours to make.

While you are reading this article I would like you to start considering making a list of everything that may have conditioned you since childhood in being less you and more as another’s idea of how you should be. (And please don’t hold back as you may find out really interesting things like patterns, blockages and fears that were formed in those early years of your life and have been influencing your thoughts, feelings and overall consciousness since then, through a subtle form of controlling mechanisms.) It is harder to have full access to our wisdom, our higher consciousness, when all these extra layers are obstructing it; therefore this is when the old consciousness truly needs to be transmuted.  

As children, our parents or teachers, for example, may have told us repeatedly that we had to think or be in a certain way, say certain things, take a certain direction in life… and without meaning to, they have transmitted to us their own conditionings and anxieties, affecting our consciousness in myriads of ways that maybe steered us away from our own core truth and dreams.

Then, growing up as teenagers a wave of new challenges surged to overwhelm us. Society’s judgments, pear’s pressure, fears of not belonging, of not being good enough, of not being wanted or accepted…the list is endless and all of this extra weight, very possibly, was carried by us all the way into adult life.

We may suffer internally right now because of everything and everyone that has facilitated the transmission of these conditionings affecting us since as long as we can remember. And yet, we cannot blame anyone because whoever did it to us was also conditioned. For example in the case of our parents or teachers, they simply got stuck as well in their own patterns and fears. Basically, they didn’t know any better because of their own lack of conscious awareness. So, not to close our heart but to hold compassion for the ones that acted not so wisely toward us is a basic lesson we must all learn – even if it may not be an easy one to put in practice.

I am not asking you to suddenly become saints, only to consider the possibility of change through letting go of blaming and judging others as by reflection, you are simply blaming and judging yourself.

We are so used to constantly blaming and judging others in our society. The blaming-judging game is a dangerous one that thrives amongst us, feeding only negativity within both our personality, the smaller superficial aspect of us and our consciousness, the deepest and vaster us. But this merry-go-round can be rectified if we learn to be aware and responsible towards what needs to instead transmute within ourselves. We all are but a reflection of each other –  boomerangs and simultaneously targets. When we hit at someone, this will return back to us at some stage later on…as basically in the very moment we too act unwisely towards someone else, we once again project upon them our own conditionings, patterns and fears so that this vicious circle of blaming and judging each other just carries on perpetually…

With this simple overview, you may hopefully become a little bit more aware of how important it is to break our patterns, our bad emotional and mental habits that only sabotage us in the end, taking away our true internal freedom and leaving us in the prison of unsolved mechanisms that we and only we had created for ourselves as a re-action to the actions of others.

We are holding on to so much, often without even realising it. The heaviness of all the unresolved stuff in our consciousness is exactly mirroring that same heaviness you may feel dragging you down, sometime temporarily or other times in a much deeper way, a state of being often described as suffering of depression or anxieties. 

But once we start to bring more awareness within us and see ourselves and others in a more positive light and with more compassion, a shedding does happen and a new lightness of being can be found but patience is required to understand the mechanisms of our own consciousness and where our negative internal energies were originally originated from…

And yet to go through this energetic process is ABSOLUTELY NORMAL for us all, because we are not meant to be perfect or strive for perfection either as these are big illusions. Although, we are certainly meant to grow and evolve in our consciousness and consequently becoming able to fully connect with our wisdom.

Each one of us is here, on Earth, to learn some important lessons and we must be humble enough to recognize this. Our main lesson is without a doubt to learn to live in open heart taking responsibility for the state of our consciousness and shift it accordingly into what needs transforming. This is a definitive action that will propel us always in the right direction towards achieving peace in our hearts and harmony in our lives.

To begin writing the list of all of your conditioning is a first symbolic step to make a change, to start to focus within you, to take a deeper look within your consciousness and not just your personality which is only scratching the surface…. we must all take a first step towards opening up to the core truth of our being that hides not only unsolved energies but many precious gifts that will be revealed to you once you start to revert your attention inside of yourselves.

We are explorers and our consciousness is simply the mysterious land that holds so many keys for our well-being once we are ready to own our responsibilities with clarity and humility.

Sending you all of my Love&Light until next week.