Dearest readers, the eternal cycle of Life and Death holds many mysteries but equally many are the spiritual understandings. I will like to share with you what I have been learning, up till now, in the hope that you may resonate with these words and maybe feel more supported and more in acceptance regarding this process that is a reality for us all – it doesn’t matter who we are and what we may do.  

Death in our culture is seen sometimes as something negative, the absolute end, and a tragedy altering our lives at times in dramatic ways. Fear of dying and fear of loosing others through death is strongly felt in the collective consciousness of humanity.

And to loose someone we love can indeed be an ordeal even for those beings that are deeply on the spiritual path. To know that we shall never see again, at least in this lifetime, the lovely faces of our loved ones, hear their voices, share our daily life with them, sometimes with the smaller things and other times with deep experiences that leave a profound mark upon our souls; death seems so unfair especially for the ones that are still young and with so much more to offer to their families and to society…

Because of the nature of this article, for the very first time I am going to share with all of you something that is very personal to me and the very reason of why I was guided to write this particular article in the first place.

In these past 11 months I have lost not 1 but 3 persons extremely close to my heart, one being my beloved father and the others being two very special women that were like sisters to me. And while I am still coming to terms with not having them around any longer, I was also shown by Spirit, the incredible process of a soul that is ascending towards the light and the shedding of the physical body, of the pain, of any kind of human suffering….

I must say it was rather incredible to witness Ascension, to see my father and my dearest friends going back home into the worlds of love and light from where originally we all come from to then experience life in a physical body, here, on Planet Earth.

Especially to witness my father becoming young again, looking radiant like I have never seen him before and be welcomed by his own parents at the end of a massive bridge of light that exists between this world and the other worlds, somehow filled me up with the joy of knowing that he was so happy and free and rejoining that side of his family that also passed a long time before he did—a stunning reunion that brought many tears of relief to my eyes….

My learning was the one to begin to look upon death as simply our departure to return home once our earthly life is completed according to both our karma and contracts.

What I mean by contracts is everything our soul has chosen prior to come back to Earth in this present reincarnation. We all have contracts with our families’ members, for example, as our soul determines the choice of our family according to what we need to transform in our own consciousness so that we may balance our karma with these beings that are like teachers to us …

In order to clearly comprehend that death is not at all something final but just the end of this present lifetime, to then return to our eternal nature, we need to also understand life, becoming deeply aware of a few important points.

Why are we here?

– Understanding our Purpose

What do we have to dissolve energetically?

– Understanding where Karma needs to be transformed and balanced through learning our lessons of awareness and love.

What are our gifts?

– Understanding how we can empower ourselves.

 Once we become aware of our gifts, embodying them without fear – as many of us do fear our own power and have forgotten that we are instead powerful creators and that limitations are very often self-imposed.

In truth we all have a specific life purpose, we all have karma and we are all gifted with something special and unique to us.

The real sadness it is not about dying but about not fully living our life in open heart expressing our full power of creation.

Death can be more easily accepted if we do live well and knowing that on planet Earth all is temporary.

This is why it is so important to live and love in the present moment as the past is already gone and we must learn to let go of it and to recognize that our future is beyond the comprehension of our mind and therefore there is no point in trying to limit what may happen with any kind of controlling thoughts.

When our loved ones pass away what we do feel is in fact our own sadness in loosing them, an internal pain and a reminder of our own mortality that has nothing to do with the person that leave us as they have simply finished their temporary visit and they are now ready to return into the light. And eventually we shall join them after we complete our own time here.

Grief is a process that we can’t escape but if we can align ourselves more to the spiritual view about life and death, we may experience less pain and more joy, knowing that we don’t lose anyone in the end as it is on the other side, in the worlds of light, where the real home for all souls resides.

And now if you wish, you may go deeper in your own heart and explore your own view about life and death. If your own view makes you feel sad and pessimistic then it is possibly time to review it as a shift of consciousness may be needed in order to support you to understand that all is divinely perfect even when we believe that it is not so. Our beliefs can be very entrenched in our consciousness but they are just beliefs and not necessary the truth, denying us the deeper knowledge that we are all beings of light having an earthly experience, learning again the rules of love, melting forms of separation within us as life and death are all simply part of the perpetual truth of our souls that goes beyond death, as spiritually speaking, death doesn’t exist but is simply necessary when we are in the physical form for our eternal rebirthing process.

I miss my father and close friends, my two soul sisters, every single day but I feel clearly their presences around me and know that when it is time, they will be all there, waiting for me at the very end of that bridge of light, welcoming me back home…

Sending you all my Love&Light until next week

Claudia xxx