Dearest readers,

Today’s subject is one of the most important keys for the evolution of our consciousness.

Our heart is indeed the most incredible generator of life, love, light and power of creation, unifying the physical and the spiritual within us.

All of our beautiful hearts hold in fact a very important double significance….

The physical heart is our life vital organ, as without its regular beat we cannot exist.

But we also possess the heart chakra, our spiritual heart and the very source of our eternal flame storing within itself our full power of love, light and creation. Our heart chakra needs though to open up in order to function properly and, as with our consciousness, it is the expansion of our heart that is at the very centre of our spiritual transformation, as without an open heart we will only experience a partial spiritual awakening.

So, what is the meaning of an open heart?

An open heart has no barriers or limitation in acknowledging how to both freely give and receive the flow of love, knows no judgment towards the self and others, no selfishness and has learned to forgive no matter what the story may be.

The open heart is not controlled by the mind feeding it with all these different instructions of why we must love this but can’t love that…or again -we must stop to give love to someone right now because something did not go as we wished, or we must stop loving ourselves as we are not worthy…

Instead the open heart becomes the spiritual brain that works in perfect harmony and synchronicity with our mind gifting us to see truth through love and kick starting a process where we are able to put love back where we had previously removed it.

So why do we so often lose the way of the heart?

For many of us the principal cause it is called Self-Protection when the loss of love does involve others, or lack of Self Worth when it does involve us directly, leading our mind to believe the illusion that closing our hearts is the best answer for not being hurt or because we feel we are not enough so why do we deserve love anyway??

And it is precisely in those moments, when we first lockdown our hearts, that we begin to learn how to control the flow of giving and receiving love, according to our new needs of Self Protection or Self Judgment.

But shutting our hearts down is hardly the solution as it will not put an end to the sufferings but will instead increase the separation between us and others, causing an even bigger disconnection from our own heart. And to live, to exist disconnected from our own source of power, will not improve either the quality of our life or how we feel about ourselves and the rest of the world.

So how can we avoid this disconnection?

To begin with, we are all borne with an open heart, doesn’t matter who we are or what we may do with it later on…

In fact, we all start our life with this beautifully open heart that holds the untouched essence of our own innocence and pure love….

What happens is that later on, growing up, we are often faced by karma and bound by the cause and effect created by our own personal karma. This karma usually touches many aspects of our life. This may include our families, our partners in intimate relationship, our working and creative life and interaction with others generally, etc. And when the first karmatic lessons do appear, this is potentially when the closure of our hearts starts also to take place.

When love begins to be taken away from us because of someone’s cruel words or behavior or because we feel that we are not loved or understood enough, this is always the pivotal moment that commences the process of chipping away pieces of our heart, one after another, taking away from us our innocence and capacity to fully love because when we feel we are loosing love our first reaction is also to retract our love from the ones that do it to us simply because of their own closed heart…

And other times we can judge ourselves harshly and retract the love towards the self from within us. And when the amount of love in our heart diminishes so does our capacity to give love back.

These negative acts, created by our reactions, as a consequence, brings in our life even more lack of love that can be identified with state of beings such as unforgiving, rejected, lost, misunderstood, angry, lonely, disconnected, distrusting, distant, cold, cynical, unhappy, unfulfilled and so on….

And still, without any awareness we carry on feeding ourselves with false beliefs that will grow and grow on a daily basis, ultimately taking us on a much harder and confusing path that will continuously dim our power to fully love and be loved…

As the creators of our own reality we do often self inflict this loss of love simply because we don’t understand how it all works in our consciousness and how ultimately acting in such ways can bring us disempowerment.

Therefore I would like you to take a moment to deeply think or sense where is this lack of love in your life and why?

Is there something that you cannot forgive? Are you cynical about the power of love? Why has this happened to you? Do you remember how you were before? What is in your consciousness that blocks you to receive or give love? Are you trying to consciously control the flow of love?

And yes, yet again you may be guided to write things down, to start to comprehend why it is difficult to love yourself or another. Why is it difficult to open your heart again and instead consent to this closure to love as the normal state of being within you.

Once we start to realize the mechanisms of why our heart shuts down and accept our responsibilities towards this, then we can also begin to reverse the process and opening our heart once more, returning to our original state of loving beings.

The awareness of an open heart is without a doubt what can bring us back to the fulfillment of love and peace that we are possibly missing a great deal….

And why do we miss it?

Simply because we have the memories within us of when we were whole and fully connected to our heart and this memory will always hunt us down till finally we journey back home, into the beauty of our infinite heart…

We all have the opportunity to transform ourselves once again into the loving beings that we truly are and to unite together through love for the creation of a better world for ourselves and the ones that will come after us….

To be able to leave a legacy of Love and Peace to the young ones should be our highest priority as human beings because if we decide to live again in open heart, each one of us will greatly contribute to the positive future of both the Earth and Human Kind.

The answer is simpler than what we may have been searching for because the center of action in the evolution of our consciousness is right there inside of us.

And my greatest wish and prayer is that we all learn to live again according to the law of love that is already written within all of our beautiful hearts…

All my Love&Light until next week

Claudia xxx