Dearest readers, today we are exploring the impact of our relationship with the Earth, an important subject for the advancement of our consciousness…a subject that concerns all of us without exceptions, as it is the Earth that like a mother, is providing us with absolutely everything we may need…but are we aware of this or are we taking it for granted?

Both the acknowledgment of this spiritual truth and being able to express our gratitude towards Mother Earth are indispensable alchemical ingredients for our spiritual awakening.

Mother Earth is a part of a much larger celestial entity called Gaia, which is as alive as we are and in which we all do reflect ourselves as Gaia is like a very large mirror for the collective of humanity and equally for each one of us individually.

As we do share some similar genetic elements with our own physical mothers, we are also carrying elements like water and minerals within our physical bodies and equally crystalline and fire elements in our light bodies mirroring the body of Gaia, our original mother.

Many of the indigenous tribes never forgot this truth, and never cut the umbilicus’s cord with the Earth but we, the supposed civilized nations, have lost this knowledge a long time ago, disconnecting from Gaia, ceasing to be in harmony with nature and instead brutally taking the Earth resources, cutting trees, mining, polluting air and water without any awareness of the damage we have been continuously inflicting upon both the Earth and ourselves.

And further more, hurting the Earth equals not just to hurting ourselves but all future generations that will inherit the damages that we are causing at present if drastic actions shall not be taken soon.

On the other hand, it is more then fair to say that the industrial, medical and scientific discoveries have been so important for the evolution of humanity and much has been created to make our life longer and better then the ones of our ancestors…

We can not stop progress but hopefully, through raising our conscious awareness, we can find a new way forward where progress and nature can be so much more in balance and harmony with each other.

Unfortunately up until now, especially greed has destabilized the equilibrium between humanity and Gaia causing the breakdown of so many ecosystems, the extinction of animals species, the poisoning of waterways and so on and on….

And how could all of this have happened?

Simply because of our own forgetfulness and therefore ignorance that has caused the lack of awareness about the truth of Gaia, is the simple direct answer.

We forgot that we are meant to be the caretakers of the Earth, becoming instead in many cases the selfish abusers of our own mother showing disrespect for the indigenous populations and failing to recognize their priceless wisdom as the last authentic caretakers of the Earth.

We forgot that Gaia is our mother, that she is housing us from our birth to our departure and that she loves us unconditionally, even if we have been her rebellious children as with time, a veil has been woven between her and us to disguise the reality of our true relationship with the Earth.

But a call to nature is something that most of us do experience during our lifetime…because our heart, in the end, always knows the truth even when we suffer from lack of consciousness.

As children, when our heart is still pure, most of us are totally enchanted by the wonders of nature, dreaming of being free to rummage across the countryside, the seaside, or the mountains, free to explore and enjoy our surroundings feeling at one with it…

We are naturally inclined towards the beauty of the Earth because we still have memories of the truth of our connection with Gaia but throughout our many personal and collective conditionings, much of course does change later on, growing up, when many of us do distance ourselves from the land.

And now let’s go back to the fact that there is this reflection between us and Gaia as after all we are mother and child, connected through our hearts to her heart, beyond the boundaries of our minds.

So please let’s remember that each time we disrespect the Earth, in truth we disrespect ourselves even with the simplest of acts as for example throwing rubbish in the wrong places, using too many plastic bottles instead of reusing them, acquiring stuff that is superfluous, that we don’t truly need. All actions which are indeed small but important steps in honoring the Earth and therefore honoring ourselves and in doing so increasing our awareness…

If each one of us simply believes that these small steps will not make any difference then be aware that the collective negative thought will grow and grow till exactly no difference shall be manifested.

Or we may believe that we can make a difference and manifest just the opposite if we all commit to do our bit.

It is not small task and yet we must start from somewhere, from our own hearts and physical surroundings.

Also Gaia is housing not just us but plants, flowers, trees, animals, crystals, minerals and in the eyes of our mother we are all equal as consciousness is in everything, extending to all living forms.

So are we treating all that inhabits this planet with the due respect to the best of our abilities in our daily life?

I am now suggesting to please asking these questions directly to yourself, to your own heart…

How can I improve my relationship with the Earth?

Where do I lack respect towards Gaia therefore towards myself? Do I live in harmony with nature and everything in it or what needs to change to transform my personal relationship with Mother Earth??? How can I help others and myself towards building a better Earth for everyone to enjoy?

You may wish to write down your answers with honesty and without feeling negative about yourself as you can begin right now to redirect bad habits into good actions if this is the case…

And while opening yourself to explore these new possibilities and humbly reflecting upon the lessons to learn, you may start to experience more of a unity with Gaia and therefore more unity within yourself…you may start to understand more about the secrets that Mother Earth holds, only to reveal them to those ones who are ready to receive all the truth back.

If your life is filled with difficulties and blockages, you may want to consider that there is a big chance you may have created karma with Gaia, karma that needs to be balanced in order to clear all these obstacles…

And as soon as you are addressing this, some of these heavy situations may start to shift all of a sudden…

It is not magic but just the way of how everything really works in the Universe.

Gaia, Mother Earth is our strongest allay in supporting us to manifest our highest self here on Earth.

Once we recognize what we need to address and shift regarding our relationship with her, Gaia will take us by the hand, showing us the way forward, sending us many signs but we must open up our spiritual eyes to see them, to listen to them…. we must learn to pay much more attention…

If we love and trust the Earth, we shall receive back from her so much more that what we may give her…

And as well it is so important to remember that to control the Earth is a human illusion as we are almost insignificant when compared to the power of both distraction and regeneration that our mother is capable of and that we are in no position to judge or criticize her when hurricanes, volcanoes, tsunamis and earthquakes are unleashed from within her womb as a reflection to our own anger and power of distraction….

The Earth is simply hosting us and we need her more then she needs us. Gaia will still be around for eons but we might be gone if we carry on lacking in humility towards nature and all other species we are sharing the Earth with.

The choice is only ours…

Will we raise our consciousness and choose to co-create with our mother in the most positive way or will we choose to carry on with arrogance and greed ultimately provoking our own extinction?

Once again we can use our free will as we wish, but hopefully many new understandings will ultimately lead us to a true choice of love towards our beloved Mother Earth and ourselves.

Sending you all my Love&Light until next week

Claudia xxx