Dearest readers, so many of us aspire to be happy.

We all hope to find happiness and for each one of us most certainly happiness means something different but there is a common denominator that has the role of being the barometer of our happiness and this is simply the state of our own consciousness as to achieve not just a few happy euphoric moments here and there but a long lasting happiness that is truly energetically grounded in our lives, we must all become much more aware…

So what will support us the most to walk upon the happiness trail? There are fundamental spiritual keys that will help us greatly to achieve this if we will consciously choose to direct our energy into developing these beautiful qualities within us.  

Let’s call them The Conscious Rules of Happiness and if applied they will truly propel us into a much happier life.


Gratitude is certainly at the very top of the list of The Conscious Rules of Happiness. No one can feel truly happy without being grateful; a beautiful spiritual learning that will make a profound difference in our everyday life. For many of us, it is a normal state of being to feel dissatisfied, to complain, to criticize; to be overall blind to our infinite potential and to all that we already possess.

But lack of gratitude is the equivalent of lack of consciousness, when we are not even conscious of what has been already gifted to us at every level.

This is a problem that we are facing all together, as the collective of humanity, because we really forgot about the importance of gratefulness. But we also know too well how sometimes we so easily spin into negativity because of being unconscious, for example about gratefulness amongst other things. If we care to observe ourselves and pinpoint when we go wrong with honesty, we may also realize that it can be easy to shift back again towards a more grateful way of being. It is simply our choice in the end. Gratitude brings us grace, so please let’s all learn to consider being grateful as a very important key to become happy.


What does it cost us to be kind? The same amount of energy that we shall spend being unkind is the simple answer. To be kind is another fundamental key to reach happiness. If we spread Kindness, we will make someone else happy and the mirror effect of this positive action will therefore reflect happiness back onto us. A simple gesture of kindness can truly go a long way energetically as with kindness we extend our support to another; we give of our energy to another. But we must learn also to be kind without expecting anything back as Kindness is a gift and must be given freely from our heart to another heart without wanting to be applauded or recognized for our kind actions. To be kind will fast-forward us towards happiness.


Being generous with our spirit as well as materially is without a doubt another vital puzzle piece in order to reach happiness. For example, if we are lucky enough to be financially abundant, to share with others our material richness instead of keeping a tight grip on it or controlling others with it, it is a fundamental spiritual rule. But just being generous materially is not enough. We must be as well generous with our spirit and heart energy, as to believe that we have only enough heart energy for ourselves it is an illusion. Our Spirit is immense and the more we are generous in the giving of ourselves, the more energy will run through us like an inexhaustible current of love and light that will keep recharging us automatically. And when we give so generously, without limitations we shall also receive abundantly and happiness shall be simply a manifestation of something that we have created with our Generosity.


The truth is that we will never reach our full potential of being happy and peaceful if we don’t forgive either another or ourselves. Happiness and peace go hand in hand but being unforgiving will make us prisoner of fears and conditionings that will block happiness as we shall be living with a part of us obscured by a karmic shadow that like a cloud will not allow the rays of happiness to fully touch us.

So if we wish to be happy, to forgive is essential as it is not easy to experience happiness if we are not free from the chains of an unforgiving heart.


To direct our energy towards being non judgmental both towards others and ourselves is a huge step towards happiness. How can we be truly happy if we exert daily judgments upon the way we are, criticizing our being and believing that we are not as good as others, as successful as others, etc….Then, our Self-Criticism, as a reflection of the criticism toward ourselves will be projected on others and judgment will be perpetually rising in this circle of stagnant energy that will obstruct us from being happy until it is fully transformed.

But as there is a process of building judgment, there is also a process of deconstructing it through recognizing and letting go of our illusions and in doing so trading unhappiness for happiness, learning to see the best in ourselves and therefore in others. No one is perfect but we can all vastly improve through becoming more aware and understanding that judging harshly ourselves or another is a magnetic negative force that will instead manifest the opposite, bringing us further apart from reaching happiness.


What makes a person even greater that what already is? Humility- because this person has realized that whatever they have achieved is still so small compared to God/Source, to the vastness of our infinite soul journey. And this person has understood that arrogance will not serve him/her well as arrogance limits and narrows one’s view about everything, often blinding us from the truth.

But Humility brings us happiness because the humble person can clearly see what needs changing within and that these changes will make space for a greater expansion of conscious awareness: the expansion of self- knowledge, the expansion of the heart and therefore the humble person can have a happier heart as it is in the heart where happiness resides.

And now, you may have more of an understanding of why happiness is so linked to consciousness and to the shift of all the blockages in our consciousness and heart that prevent us from being grateful, kind, generous, forgiving, non-judgmental and humble—all spiritual qualities that we may need to embody if we wish to achieve a long standing state of happiness.

And now, you can ask yourself where do you stand regarding this?

Are you grateful enough?

Are you kind enough?

Are you generous enough?

Are you forgiving enough?

Are you non judgmental enough?

Are you humble enough?

And if you need to improve upon these qualities, just accept it without judgment and simply learn to redirect your energies into embracing them more inside of yourself…

In fact, the only requirements to be happy are the ones to open our minds and hearts, shifting in our own consciousness what is needed the most so that we may really experience a happy and fulfilled life upon this Earth.

Sending you all my Love&Light until next week

Claudia xxx