Dearest readers, it is the purpose of this article to support you to become truly aware of a part of our consciousness called the Ego. It is vital, for our spiritual evolution, to recognize and to understand that the Ego affects us on daily bases and how its mechanisms are so deeply embedded in the fabrics of our consciousness. But once the truth about our Ego nature is accepted by us, the result of this spiritual realization will show us clearly that the only way to pacify our Ego is to feed it with love instead of negative thought forms like fears and insecurities that will instead grow the Ego to new dangerous heights, blinding us from our own truth and as well the truth of all others.

In fact, in order to be able to live in our purest truth, we must first embrace and acknowledge the reality concerning the subtle mechanisms of the Ego in relation to our own consciousness. We often believe that we think, speak and act accordingly to our own truth but in reality, at times, much is manipulated and led instead by the Ego; mainly in order to protect ourselves from others and the environment we live in.

Yes— the Ego is indeed our protector, protecting us for example from being too open hearted in case we may be hurt, or from being too generous in case others may take advantage of us, or from being too transparent as to reveal something about ourselves may put us in a vulnerable position. Or we may need to be always the centre of attention as otherwise our Ego might feel it is not seen or respected enough by others. Or we may be only thinking of ourselves, not caring about the rest of the world because our Ego manipulates us into believing that if we want to get ahead in life we must be selfish. And we may think that this is the absolute truth of our being without realizing that it is only the truth according to the Ego but not at all in alignment with our heart…

So is the Ego negative?

The Ego is not negative but definitely it does limit us because it behaves as the protector of all of our fragilities and fears, creating an energetic barrier that doesn’t allow us to be guided by the heart.

According to our Ego, we shall suffer far too much or we shall be far too exposed or we shall not be able to exercise any kind of control upon our life if we let go and follow our heart. And this belief shall be so strong and so entrenched in our consciousness that to us will seem exactly like the truth— our truth —but again it is simply our Ego’s truth. And of course to believe we are in control it is just another belief created by the Ego because in reality to think this equals to live in illusion.

So how can we manage our Ego?

The only way is to feed it with love; to understand that the Ego is just protecting us because when it is frightened it simply goes into reaction against whatever it may feel can damage us. But we must not judge it and therefore judge ourselves. Instead we must simply accept that our own truth may be different from the beliefs and mechanisms produced by our Ego, learning to discern the Ego’s voice from the voice of our heart guidance….

If the Ego recognizes that it doesn’t have to be always in the driver seat but instead learns to cooperate with the heart, this could truly mark the moment in which our heart starts to open up, when we finally let go of trying to control everything and instead we begin to trust spirit to co-create our reality with us, embracing co-creation as the new way forward instead of carrying all alone the weight of everything in our life.

It is only when our Ego is finally cocooned in love and light, feeling safe, that this transformation can really happen inside of us as love will dissolve all the fears and insecurities held by our Ego collapsing the defense walls that like a fortress had incased our hearts till up to that moment.  

Our Ego is just another part of our consciousness so my question to you is now how do you relate to your own Ego? Do you understand its subtle mechanisms? Do you recognize that at times you are guided by the beliefs of your own Ego overriding your heart?

Can you clearly see that in some occasions a mechanism of self-protection is activated by your Ego when you feel at your most vulnerable?

Do you agree that you reject because your Ego is leading you to act this way before others can reject you???

All of this is simply part of the Ego’s game that can only be won if you open up your heart and send to your Ego all the love you can in order to reassure it that it doesn’t need to shield us anymore from everything it is fearful of.

It is only when the Ego feels that it is held by love that it will be able to release control finally accepting the opening of the heart will make us stronger and not weaker and in need to be protected…. we will not need the Ego’s protection anymore as when we see through the eyes of love all can be adjusted, restored and harmonized in the most graceful way.

To learn to make our Ego feel secure and filled with love is certainly one of our biggest challenges on the path of transmuting and mastering our consciousness and one that is absolutely necessary to conquer if we wish to achieve peace and joy in our hearts and grace and harmony in our lives.

All my Love&Light until next week

Claudia xxx