Dearest readers, we all dream of love and when we dream of love we often intend the love that we hope to find with another in an intimate relationship; romantic love, the heart beating, the thrill of kissing for the first time, making love, possibly marriage and living happily together forever after….

And a few lucky ones, with little or no karma in this department, will experience exactly this in their lifetime but for most of us it shall not be such a smooth ride. Yet we can all balance our karma if we are willing to understand that intimate partnerships are given to us for the very specific purpose of learning to let go of fears, opening our hearts and growing our consciousness.

An intimate relationship is where we have the opportunity to grow and evolve together with another being…. a wonderful adventure that can be as challenging as it can be rewarding…

The spiritual view on intimate relationships doesn’t really hold the romantic view that many of us have been conditioned to believe growing up. Romance can be seen as a conditioning that has been spoon fed to us through literature, music, songs, art and movies, an ideal that some of us chase constantly but without ever finding simply because it doesn’t really exist in this supercharged pink version; only in our romantic illusions.

If the romantic ideal has sprung from an unrealistic outlook regarding intimate relationships, we must realize though, that love does truly exist – but the concept that we must wait for another to feed us love it is not accurate spiritually.

Love is already within us and we must learn to grow it ourselves through opening our own heart and recognize that love is every where and in everything and that a shortage of love is only created by an unwilling heart.

Although in an intimate relationship we certainly learn to share love, reflecting the love within us upon our partners, we should never expect to be just fed love by another, as it is this constant need of wanting the love of someone else that starts creating an imbalance.

Jealousy, suspicion, possessiveness, feeling rejected are all causes and effects that are originated from expectation and from desiring this perfect romantic relationship that doesn’t even exist as in the moment we do want and we do expect, we forget that love is firstly about giving, about sharing, about opening our heart to another and accepting one another without forcing changes or trying to mould our romantic companions as we wish them to be in order to fulfill the desire of what our mind wants and feels love should be and consequently our lovers need to be adjusted as well to fit our ideals.

But love is love and can’t be adjusted or contained in any way, so to let love flow freely between us and our partners, without all these conditions is vital for the success of a long lasting relationship.

Another important point to consider is karma.

Whenever we are attracted to someone it is because most probably there is a soul connection that needs to be explored and karma to be balanced…and sometimes the stronger the soul connection is, the more karma has probably accumulated in past lives…

If this is the case, then, we must realize that our object of desire is in fact a very important teacher for us and vice versa. We must become conscious of the intimate relationships’ mirror effect because it means that there is something inside of us that our companion can trigger causing strong reactions in our consciousness, as we may feel challenged with certain memories and therefore unsolved energetic conditionings that may jeopardize the mechanisms of the relationship.

So we must learn to look upon our partner as our teacher, showing us what we need to change in our own consciousness. But usually what instead happens is that we blame him or her without looking at ourselves.

This is why intimate relationships can be so fragile, with the Ego taking over and initiating the blaming game where accusations are flying, sparking up the process of separation without anyone taking their own responsibilities but closing their hearts to each other’s instead of forgiving, letting go of the various attachments and communicating once more with love.

When love is most needed, it often gets retracted exactly because of the Ego. 

There is of course nothing wrong with leaving a relationship and entering a new one as we do have spiritual contracts with our partners that are not necessarily lifelong contracts, but still separation must be handle with love and compassion and then what is done is done and we can commence a new love story in a clean way without leaving behind  messy situations that will always tinge in the end the success and clarity of our next intimate relationship.

And now, it is time to look at yourself deeply and if you are in an intimate relationship you may start to ask yourself some questions….

What is triggering you mostly about your companion and vice versa?

Are you trying to mould him or her in order to fulfill your own version of what you wish your partner to be instead of accepting him or her as they are??

Do you feel you are growing together or there is distance between the two of you and if there is this distance what can be done to meet each other again or to let go of each other’s with love??

What are you attached to that you may have to let go if you wish to evolve with your partner or separate from him??

Can you understand that your partner is your mirror and therefore your teacher?

When you start to see the spiritual truth in your relationship you will not want to run away anymore but you will understand that all can be resolved or terminated with love as this is the love you are truly searching for, a deep and solid love that sprang from your open heart, that grows every day in acceptance, trust, and faith with the other person.

The elegance of love comes to us once we learn to let go of attachments and fears, once we realize that our real strength comes from the power of our own heart, an infinite source of love that can’t be measured, stopped or control once we raise our consciousness and learn once for all that we are all back in this present lifetime to simply learn the many lessons of love…

Sending you all my Love&Light until next week

Claudia xxx