Dearest Readers,

This week my task is to remind you that we are all powerful beings with amazing creative skills and that we are indeed the creators of our reality in both the positive and the negative.

In spiritual terms no one is a victim of circumstances but everyone is simply learning important lessons that allow us to burn our karma.

The spiritual journey is a path of reconnection with our own power, a path of empowerment that gifts us with living our life in the highest potential, creating in a new way that we didn’t know was possible before…

When we begin to be more aware about the way we create, suddenly we awake to the full realization that we must pay particular attention to how we think, how we speak and how we act as everything that comes directly from our own source is like a brush, painting upon the canvas of our life and in doing so building specific realities for ourselves…

And every stroke of our brush is representing each thought, word or action that may design a joyful and fulfilling reality or a reality tainted by many difficulties, blockages, obstacles etc…

So, let’s start to discern our thoughts as when we think we create…

Our mind produces hundreds of thousands of thoughts every day and most of these thoughts are often reflecting our own fears and unsolved parts of our consciousness.

And sometimes all these thoughts, running like wild horses across our mind, can also reflect an indication of lack of clarity, as they may leave us feeling confused, tired, negative, pulled in opposite directions, etc…

So what’s happening when our mind is jammed to the brim by over thinking?

The problem is that too many thoughts don’t leave space for the real guidance to come through us. Instead, following a trail of unclear thoughts will usually only lead us to a dead end….

That is why meditation is the vital gymnastics for both our mind and consciousness. It teaches us to be still and as a result brings much more lucidity through our mind making space for wisdom instead of the usual guessing game.

But most importantly, if this trail of thoughts is negative, it will produce a negative imprint on our reality as when we think we do create. But if it is positive, it will imprint high frequencies of light that will support depositing the manifestation of our positive thinking straight into the canvas of our reality.

Please start to consider yourself as an antenna that sends signals in the field all around you with every thought, either positive or negative. Sometimes you may also pick up the thoughts of others from a matrix of collective thoughts that are not even your own…

This is the reason of why many of our thoughts based on fears and negativity are collective in nature like fear of poverty, fear of getting old, fear of dying for example…

But once our consciousness is more developed and has higher vibrations, it begins to rise above the collective thought matrix and as a result, we start the process of losing all of these collective fears, releasing them from our mind, once for all.

Though, we have not just thoughts but also Ideas. Ideas are small seeds of creation that when are crystal clear and filled with light do manifest fully in our reality as an emblem of our creativity, becoming tangible creations like a book, a painting, a new business, a building, a song, a film, etc…

Human creations are so various and so many…and when they are positive they are often called brilliant because everyone can perceive the light in them.

And it is the same with words as sound is pure creation and again words carry frequencies that imprint on our reality, shaping it in many different ways…

So to start to observe how we also express ourselves vocally is a great exercise in order to understand how we create our reality daily, as to speak or sing is as well an act of creation.

Offending another, swearing, gossiping, lying, saying unkind words, screaming angrily at someone, pronouncing judgmental criticisms about others or ourselves, trying to control someone through manipulative words will not improve our reality.  Instead a layer of negativity will immediately reflect upon it,  affecting us as a consequence of our lack of consciousness regarding what we say and how we say it.

So to become aware of what comes out of our mouth is truly a necessary step in the process of transforming our consciousness.  

Actions are just the final result that defines our thoughts, ideas and words. We can call it the grounding result, the materialization that embodies the thoughts and words process.

But, is there a clear and positive conduit between our thoughts, words and actions in which all is aligned – or is this conduit instead fragmented, obstructed at times and carrying limitations?

So we must ask ourselves what is that we truly wish to create as our reality? And what do we need to change within us that doesn’t allow the flow of this positive creation right now?

If you read my column regularly, you might have clearly understood that all stems from the Self and this spiritual rule is especially true when it is governing creation.  

And maybe, dearest readers, it is time again to make some more lists, to keep observing yourself writing down, for example, why do you start to delve in negative thoughts? Or when do you choose the wrong words? Or when and why are your actions at times disjointed and reflecting the bleakness of your thoughts or the lack of positivity in your words?

Tracing the map of your basic patterns in your daily behavior will help to show you what needs to be changed and where you truly need to pay much more attention.   

And once again, humility and lack of self-judgment is needed in order to recognize where and when you are giving in to negativity and disempowerment instead of choosing to be the positive creator.   

Now, with this new ability of truly observing yourself daily, great shifts can be accomplished supporting you to become in time the Conscious Creator with a much lighter reality in which you may experience more empowerment, more fulfillment, more love, more peace and more harmony.

Sending you all of my Love&Light until next week

Claudia xxx