Dearest readers, freedom can indeed be a unique and different concept for each one of us…

Some of us believe that money is freedom, that democracy is freedom, that political independence is freedom, that time is freedom, that education is freedom, that marrying who we wish to marry is freedom, that not to be judged by the color of our skin is freedom, that doing whatever we want to do at exactly the moment we want to do it, is freedom, and all of the above statements have truth in them without a doubt, showing us many different layers and facets of the meaning of freedom.

But are any of them representing the absolute freedom? Probably not, as absolute freedom is an internal state of being that is not determined by money or social and political issues or any external factors but instead derives directly from the state of independence from all negative dynamics within our own consciousness…

For example….

Are we free from karma?

Are we free from fears?

Are we free from limitations?

Are we free from being controlled by our Ego and various other aspects of our consciousness?

Are we free from our own blind spots and internal mechanisms?

Are we free from any kind of addictions? Sex, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, food, shopping etc….

Are we free from judging others and ourselves?

Are we free from a state of unforgiveness?

Are we free to open our heart more?

If your answers to all of the above questions are a YES, then congratulations as you have hit the spiritual jackpot and you are truly on your way to enlighten yourself in this lifetime.

But if like me, you are still going through the process of becoming aware of where we still need transforming our internal unsolved energies, then, even bigger congratulations as you are simply paving the way towards internal freedom and you must persevere.

And if you never thought of freedom in these terms because you still believe that freedom is something that exists only outside of yourself, then, maybe this Article can give you some food for thoughts and support your shift of consciousness regarding the deeper meaning of being free.

Everything that has been associated with freedom on our planet, is in truth a conglomeration of basic human rights that should be touching the reality of every single human being but unfortunately this has never been the case as until there is truly a collective reconnection to our own heart—wars, greed, poverty, slavery, famine, abuse, unequal distribution of power and wealth, disrespect towards nature, animals and our own kind will never cease to exist on planet earth. And the source of all of this is originating from only one other source — LACK OF CONSCIOUSNESS.

Right now, we do live in interesting times in which so much of the truth that had been hidden from us before, suddenly is raising back up to the surface to show us that we must break free from older paradigms and reclaim our spiritual freedom and all the benefits that go with it.

So, I am inviting you all to learn to meditate, to focus in the inner instead of the outer to truly understand what is going on within your own consciousness, seriously asking yourself these questions without any kind of self-judgment.

Am I only superficially free?

Where do I lack freedom in my conscious awareness?

In which areas of my consciousness do I feel more like a prisoner of my own mechanisms, limitations or life circumstances?

Do I live in the illusion of being free because really I don’t feel free after all?

If we don’t go deeper and face ourselves with greater honesty and humility we shall never be truly free and therefore truly free to create a reality that we may enjoy every day.

And if we keep hiding under the carpet what we cannot face in ourselves, it shall be a long and hard ride as all unresolved energies will not go away but instead they will keep coming up, feeding us with the negativity of false illusions and simply stop us from experiencing freedom. But despite our karma we all deserve to be free and equally to not mess around with the freedom of others…

To respect the freedom of others is in fact a very important key that has not been used in the collective consciousness of humanity till up to now where instead the very opposite, the limiting and manipulation of the freedom of others has been at the very centre of our history and has been ruling our society for eons and eons.

And the mirror effect of this collective pattern has been brutally afflicting all of us as a double edge sword that has cut freedom out of our reality not just internally but as well externally, especially in certain part of the world where the collective Karma is felt in a stronger way— like war zones for example.

When every human being will realize that everything sprang from the inside, that absolute freedom needs to be created firstly from within; then, in that moment of great collective internal shift, we shall also witness a massive shift being manifested at every level here on Earth. To become responsible for our own energy, our own consciousness is definitely the golden key to our brighter future, both from an individual and collective spiritual point of view.

Ultimately, we all have the right to freedom, but we must become aware of what needs to transform within us to allow us to reach liberation and therefore self empowerment as it is much more difficult to achieve self empowerment if we are confined by self imposed limitations and fears.

All is connected in our conscious awareness and to reach our internal freedom is simply the doorway that will lead us afterwards to a daily life that is richer in meaning and purpose…

Sending you all my Love&Light until next week

Claudia xxx