Dearest readers, we do live in a world with so many choices…these days, we can even look online for a possible partner, scrolling through thousands of pictures on an app and simply making a fast decision on who to date that same night…

Technology, for example, can easily indulge us with all of our preferences and preferences we possibly didn’t even know we had just a second before, because millions of websites are offering us endless selections of almost everything we could possibly desire. But are we truly fulfilled as individuals or as a society? Can we really fill up our hearts and minds with stuff that we can obtain so easily with just a click of our fingertips?? Or maybe, to have so much choice only feeds constantly our preferences,  making it instead very difficult for us to accept what truly needs transforming within ourselves?

We are constantly distracted by the outside and from what to choose next, so highly preoccupied “by our own preferences” that we often loose perspective of what is truly going on in inside of our consciousness, not really understanding that preferences in a subtle or more potent way can be limiting and as well, controlling, because they don’t let us see beyond them, to an undiscovered place of neutrality. It may hide something else, something precious that needs to reveal itself to us, bringing unexpected joy or love, but this can’t happen while we are so blindly fixated upon our preferences and only our preferences…

And what if some of our preferences are not just limiting us but are also limiting the happiness of the ones around us, meaning our families, partners, children, friends, work colleagues?

Maybe we are imposing some of our preferences on them, without even realizing how our selfish act is affecting them in a negative way. And through the mirror effect, this negativity shall also be projected back towards us in a never-ending circle of energetic dark shadows….

So if our preferences are making others upset, what is in our consciousness that we must change? This is an important question that everyone should ask himself or herself instead of putting the blame on someone else.

For example if you are a married man or woman but your preference is to have affairs with many others, will you look deeply into your consciousness and act upon letting go of your preference for affairs while you are still married? Will you learn to live in the truth or are you to remain controlled by your preferences?

Or if you are a teacher looking after a class of many children, will you pick and choose your favorites or will you treat all the children equally without unbalancing the flow of love through the class?

Same, if you are a parent, you should never favor a child over another—– full stop.

Or if there is a fight between members of your family, you should never prefer one side to the other but instead, the right thing to do, is to try to see everyone’s point of view and help bringing peace and unity again instead of supporting litigation and separation.

In the collective of humanity often the preferences of some political factions led to not only bad judgment and complete lack of awareness but to wars and the bloodshed of many innocent people. Racism is for example, the direct result of preferring a certain color of skin instead of another, creating terrible injustice all over the world…   

And our preferential behavior can be so imbedded in our patterns, that we can easily ignore it and simply go on and on without really solving many significant issues both within ourselves or in parts of our reality. And yet, it is so vital to understand that spiritually speaking, the meaning of having preferences is not about choosing either a plate of pasta or a hamburger at the local restaurant but about choosing how to use our energy in the best possible way, without the interferences of all of our preferences that may sidetrack us from important learnings and discoveries.

And now I am inviting you to work on your own list of preferences. I am sure that when you are beginning to write them down, most probably you will start to see your own patterns slowly emerging into the light and reveal themselves to you in a much more clear way….

Afterwards, when you have identified some of these more prominent negative preferences that are impacting and triggering your consciousness daily, it will be simply up to you to either come out of these bad habits that will keep you static or move on from them and experience more flow of love, light and grace in your everyday life.

Just be once again the loving observer of yourself and know that you have the power to dissolve negativity and embrace positivity in every moment.

It is only once we let go of preferences, the ones that hurt others and ourselves, that we can begin to feel more freedom, more space for us to move from within our own core. And our heart will feel lighter, more open, more in acceptance and more respectful of others and therefore more respectful of ourselves. To shine the light on our preferences will propel us to a different level of consciousness in which all will became brighter, revealing to us a new path ahead filled with more joy, more purpose, more love….