A Conversation with Worthy: The Grace of Presence

No matter how unworthy or detached we may feel from the Divine Grace that flows through us, it continuously flows, unhindered and unimpeded by thoughts or fears…and judgements we hold about ourselves in the deepest recesses of our souls. Regardless of our awareness and no matter our circumstance, grace continuously holds us in a soft embrace, waiting patiently for us to awaken to the power that is within us in every moment.

Grace is the elegant refinement that truth reveals; it is imbedded in your divine source of inner knowing. This is the indefatigable, constant presence that lives and breathes in our heart of hearts and is forever available to us. Remembering that you, that we – are interconnected with divinity – is to awaken to the fact that Grace is always available to us. The question that arises, then – is how do we connect to that gift of Grace when we feel as if we have never “met” this sacred aspect of ourselves before? How can we connect with the greatest gift each of us can access at any time, simply because it is inherent to our souls?  How do we push away the blocks, the illusions, and the falsehoods that obscure our view of this life? 

Very recently, I met with an extraordinary woman by the name of Worthy Stokes.

My conversation with Worthy was unlike many of the conversations I have with other Spiritual leaders. Worthy embodies an unusual alignment with the power of Grace – one I wanted to delve into and try to make my own! As a brain trauma survivor, she has overcome significant tragedy and now lives with multi-sensory loss, yet she has connected so deeply with her inner wisdom that her setbacks never stopped her from claiming her divine right to heal.

I wanted to understand exactly how she accomplished that! Worthy found the “key” to unlocking the inner wisdom in her soul. Her devotion to a path of presence has led her to work in the field of mindfulness, where she exudes a deep respect for our longing to live a life steeped in kindheartedness and wise, compassionate action.


What does it mean to live in the heart of infinite grace?

We are bombarded every day with digital messages of criticism or despair, and in times of great anguish or pain it can seem impossible to remember our true nature of awareness is sustained by the power of infinite grace. Learn to rest in the heart of your inner wisdom as a way to reclaim your sacred space in this changeable world. Your practice of presence can restore your faith in the marvelous, unseen force that regenerates all our prayers for renewal, and the mystical landscape of your inner terrain is a resource you can tap into anytime.

Why is meditation critical to your relationship with grace?

Meditation, or contemplative presence, calms the nervous system. In a world filled with disruptive distractions and media channels that are vying for everyone’s attention, a meditation practice is an essential part of loving self-care. Your physical well-being depends upon your ability to self-soothe, and with the grace of presence, you are better able to care for your physical health.

What if I can’t make my mind shut up?

Don’t worry about it! There is always a part of you that is connected to inner wisdom. Since emotions and thoughts are so interconnected, it is not always possible to make an immediate change by shifting your thoughts or pushing yourself to feel different feelings. Rather than fixate on trying to still the mind or silence your thinking patterns, give your brain permission to roam freely as you practice tuning into the silence beneath the noise.


Intuition is available through different senses, and the body consists of countless atoms of mystical awareness. As we practice meditation, over time our ability to pay attention to our inner landscape as well as the outer environment steadily improves. By training our attention with mediation, we are also training our ability to notice, discern, or metabolize intuitive information that arrives or appears in these different ways. Meditation is a great way to deepen or expand your relationship with your inner guidance.

Inner Healer

Every time you choose to practice meditation, you activate your Inner Healer; grace is what fuels your innate capacity for regeneration. Your inborn ability to nourish your physiological health and wellness is meant to be developed over time; meditation is the most vital skill you can learn. Find a meditation technique or a practice that works for you. Different meditation techniques reflect different results. As you calm your inner space, you awaken to your very own healing presence, which can be fine-tuned.

The Breath

Grace asks nothing of you, and it is unnecessary to worry about being wrong or right when authentic presence is your chosen path. Instead of trying to change your life by changing your thoughts or shifting your feelings, experiment with the breath. The only way to make an immediate state change is by paying attention to your breathing patterns. Since the breath influences your thoughts and feelings directly, you can take a vacation from the constant effort to improve your thinking. The inner wisdom you carry is always there.

Beginner’s Mind I’m a beginner. How long every day do I need to practice meditation?

5 minutes is more than enough. Ideally, try practicing in the same area or seat, and plan to meditate at the same time every day. The regularity and consistency of your practice from one day to the next is far more important than the duration of it. A few minutes of embodied presence is sufficient. As you learn to attune your being to its natural state of awareness, you begin to notice the presence of grace; your breath is consciousness in motion.

(BIO: Worthy Stokes is a brain trauma survivor, HeartMind® meditation teacher and conscious change agent who thrives at the nexus of presence and relational neuroscience. Her HeartMind® method has touched thousands across the world, and her guided meditations are free on Insight Timer. Her first book, The Meditation Book of Healing, will be available in Spring of 2020. Connect with her and learn more at www.worthystokes.com)

website: www.worthystokes.com

instagram: @iamworthystokes