To ask why or not that is the question.  There are things in life that are totally unexplainable.  Situations in life will having you scratching your head and pondering why.  Some things science can not explain.  Additionally, there are things that shake you to your core and you may even question your faith if you ascribe to that school of thought.  In the words of the former tv show host Arsenio Hall, “things that make you go hmmmmm!”

Event the greatest and theorists and philosophers sometimes are at a standstill and can not give a rational answer to why something happened.  For example, in my case no medical physician could give a reason why during my pregnancy that my fetus had Trisomy 13 a rare genetic disorder.  There was no real answer to why an extra gene developed.

A mother may ask why did a drunk driver kill her teen child.  Or a child in Nigeria may ask why her family was killed due to war crimes and now she is an Internally Displaced Person (IDP).  Another may ask that why did the highway crumble like bread while headed home from work.

Hearing such things is daunting isn’t.  But life is full of why’s?  My attempt is to use my voice   and words to encourage people to press on even when they don’t understand why.  That there is hope even when it looks extremely bad.  No, it is not to dismiss whatever happened but it is to say that yes I hurt but I won’t give up! 

Moments in life will make you feel like throwing up your hands saying I surrender.   But I implore you to look at surrender as a wonderful state.   Surrender is not a sign of weakness but of strength.  Surrender says that I will not attempt to figure everything out, but I will come to peace with having to cope with the unknown.  I will relish in the fact that I may not have the exact answer to what happened.  However, I do have one answer.  That answer is that I will always win if I pull from my strength within.  That the power that lies in my is great! That I have the ability to over come odds.  Why?  If I speak life I win!  There is power in what I say.

I may not have the answer

I may ponder why

But I will pull my strength from the celestial skies

I have strength to win!