Recent scientific research shows that knowing more than one language has beneficial effects on memory, better focusing , better multitasking , excellent prioritizing. You even become better in decision-making.

Scientists tell us to think of Language Processing as a mental exercise in the brain, where a particular language trains a particular set of muscles. Switching between different languages will mean switching the muscles. 

After exercising your brain muscles, you have to plunge into the real world to test it. It can be tiring, since switching requires a little bit of practice, but, since Practice makes perfect, in no-time you will have excellent result and you will be able to effectively communicate and explain your perspectives and points of view to your audience. 

The general philosophy behind it is that, according to my humble experience, you use your mind to communicate what you think (ideas, points of view, execution of work, put into practice your planning and organizational skills). You use your belly/stomach to project your energy and vocalize your needs, wishes, dreams– into a well-formed sentence and coherent messages towards your interlocutor. Finally, you use your heart to connect mind and belly: what moves you in your actions. In sum, i would explain my theory as the following one:

MIND: How you Love

BELLY: What you Love

HEART: Who you Love

I am tending to connect all my experiences to Love, which is the higher form of connecting with people- on different levels- spoken language, body language and energies, and which can be expressed in various shapes and forms- according to cultures, countries, languages, intellectual and/or physical chemistry. 

Steven Spielberg filming Jaws (1975)- Megaphonize your Voice! (me speaking to you readers)

One secret I wish to share comes from the Prince of Laughter, Italian actor of the 40ies to 60ies named Totò, who, in his movies (combining laughter and a sense of suffering for the conditions of the people- as a comparison, you can think of Charlie Chaplin’s movies), there is a deep understanding of Human Nature, fragile and unaware of the destiny ahead of them. The solution for Totò- as for Chaplin- is laughter. Whenever you click with someone on a “laughter level” and your sense of humor resonates, you will be friends forever. No matter distance, circumstances and life events.

The concept of Love is too vast for any human being to explain, because it involves different levels of understanding, socio-cultural dynamics, wish/needs/wants/expectations derived from the insatiable conditions of human beings- willing for more, always, and mostly, that element of Choice that is so crucial for any person to take on and diligently follow/passionately believe in/pursue with loyalty and integrity.

For this, one explanation of the humans’ connection to the world is our physical presence, then our written and oral abilities to communicate, in multiple languages (hence the ability to connect with multiple people on different levels) but mostly, on the heart and laughter levels, which can be the turning points of a change in a relationship.

Needless to say, coming from an Italian background, understanding facial expressions, gestures and body language is another key of connecting and understanding the good/bad predisposition of people towards you/events/circumstances.

But this, of course, is another story.

As proudly daughter of a Neapolitan father, I sing to Life and I cheer Totò and friends to take life easy (like Mika used to sing, and to Let it Be– like the Beatles sang).

O Sole Mio! (well-known italian song!- the Sun is a style of Life! (translation of the quote above)

Listen to the Song: O Sole Mio

Ciao! Sing to Life!