Hazhar Saleh is a Musical Artist, Multilingual singer, songwriter, and composer. Hazhar is Guitar
and Piano Player, and His unique technique and skills in singing made him famous. We will talk
to him about his world music experience and hear what he’s been through all these years.

Hazhar Saleh
  • First of all, How old are you right now?
    Hazhar: With although that’s not my favorite question for sure, huh, I’m 28.
  • When did Hazhar start singing?
    Hazhar: I have been singing since I was 6, and I used to have a very high-pitched voice; I’m
    sure you would cover your ears. Hazhar said with a smile.
  • How can you sing in different languages?
    Hazhar: Well, I can say the big reason was my family because they used to play music and
    watch movies in different languages at home. As a kid, I remember I used to listen to the words
    carefully and sing them back. I believe that helped me a lot when I grow up because now,
    when I’m listening to a song in a different language, I can notice the words are familiar to me.
    That’s why it’s to memorize them sing.
  • How many Languages do you speak?
    Hazhar: I speak three languages. Kurdish with different dialects, Farsi, English, and I
    understand Arabic and Turkish a little bit.
  • What are the 6 Languages you sing?
    Hazhar: I can sing in Kurdish, Farsi, Arabic, Turkish, English, Hindi, and recently Spanish.
  • How do you Describe singing?
    Hazhar: I Believe singing is one of the most challenging jobs in the world. Imagine you are an
    actor and have to act without the screen, and all you have got is your voice to express and
    transfer the feeling to the audience!
  • What is essential in singing?
    Hazhar: People think it’s easy to sing and it’s all about your voice, But I Believe. “For singing,
    we need a strong ear more than a strong larynx. Imagine and hear your voice before You start
  • In 2016 You received an invitation from Anil Kapoor to Visit Bollywood. What was that about?
    Hazhar: Well, I always freestyle and video myself. In 2016 I sang a Hindi song, and I posted the
    video on my Facebook and Instagram pages. And I think I got kind of lucky that Mr. Anil
    Kapoor, who is a well-known Indian actor and Producer, saw my video and liked it. He sent me
    an invitation to Bollywood, and also his Producer Mr. Manish Sharma visited me in Erbil.
    Unfortunately, I couldn’t visit India, because I was immigrating to the USA, but I’m going to visit
    India very soon to continue what we have started.
  • Who is your favorite singer?
    Hazhar: As I mentioned, I always listen to music in different languages. That’s why my favorite
    list is enormous! But let me name a couple of them. I like Homayoun Shajarian In Farsi, Rahat
    Fateh Ali Khan in Hindi, Ibrahim Tatlises in Turkish, Andrea Bocelli in Italish, Frank Sinatra, and
    Michael Bublé in English Saber Robaee in Arabic, and Shivan Parwar in Kurdish.
  • Is it essential for a singer to read music?
  • Hazhar: 100%. I believe an excellent singer needs to read music and at least play an
  • instrument. Being able to play an instrument helps us to understand music and improve our
  • voices by practicing.
  • – You’re in Black cats now, which is a well-known Persian band. How do you like it so far?
  • Hazhar: For sure, joining Black cats is one thing that I will always be proud of. Working with
  • Shahbal Shabpareh is just amazing! I mean, what is better than working with an artist who’s
  • been in the Persian music market for almost 60 years? And thanks to him, I’m learning new
  • things every day. He is a Legend for sure.
  • – Why is Hazhar trying to be an International singer?
  • Hazhar: I have been dreaming about this. I believe mixing different languages in music helps
  • people to know different cultures and get closer to by understanding each other’s language.
  • – What is Your advice for new singers?
  • Hazhar: Follow your dream, Practice, and Never give up!
  • – Thank you for your time Hazhar, best wishes!
  • Hazhar: Glad to do it. Thank you!
Hazhar Saleh