Last year I was getting headaches and I had high blood pressure. My feet would swell up, making it hard for me to walk around at work. I’m a 37-year-oId single mom and I was always too tired to do anything fun with my four kids. I wouldn’t eat much throughout the day, but later I’d binge on chicken wings and fries or Chinese food, and butter pecan ice cream. I flat out love to eat! I had also been through a relationship break-up with the father of two of my kids, which was hard. The final straw: My 8-year-old daughter, Laila, said, “Mommy you’re getting fat!” I weighed 259 pounds. She didn’t mean any harm, but kids tell you the truth! At that moment I said, “I’ve got to make a lifestyle change.”

My first step was getting rid of all the junk food at home, like cookies and candies.

I took everything to a relative’s house. I went shopping and bought my “starter kit:” cases of water, fish, chicken, and veggies. I started making delicious meals like sautéed chicken with garlic, layered with shredded cheese and steamed broccoli. I also love baked fish and cauliflower rice flavored with garlic. Instead of french fries, I have tater tots made of cauliflower.

Instead of dessert, I find a spoonful of peanut butter is really satisfying. 

And we all love berries. My kids are loving our new way of eating and they motivate me to keep going. They’re proud of me. I’ve lost 19 pounds and I’m halfway to my goal weight.

Laila and I dance together to her favorite songs on TikTok.

We love Megan Thee Stallion and the Ying Yang Twins. She teaches me the latest moves and we both have fun. She used to get sad that I never had the energy to dance with her, so just imagine how happy she is now! We also do sit-ups together. She’ll hold my feet and count how many I do. She’s like my personal trainer and keeps me on my toes. I race the kids outside and we’ll go for long walks.

I work night shifts and when I get home and go to bed, I turn my phone off and wind down by playing calming music. I love R&B — Mary J. Blige and Chris Brown — I keep my fan on, which relaxes me, and I’m sleeping much better. 

When my pants started getting loose I was excited!

My co-workers have been noticing how much weight I’ve lost and I’ve been inspiring my friends to start the Challenge.   

My blood pressure is down, my feet aren’t swollen, and I haven’t been having any headaches.

I feel great about myself and I know that I can do this — anything’s possible. I can’t even describe how excited I am. I’m determined to continue the Challenge and I’m motivated. I tell myself, “You’ve got this girl, don’t give up.”

—Alexis Lewis, Supercenter #2754; Waynesboro, GA; $5K Winner

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