Rise and shine! Another work day has begun. Awaking from the dryness of sleep, and in need of the Sun’s awakening. Many people often come into the office ready to be invigorated with a cup of coffee. Hmm. Hmm! The smell of coffee’s aromas in the morning. The euphoria of Earth’s natural vegetation and scent of coffee beans just makes it easier to awaken from the slumbers of fatigue and prepare for the day ahead. Coffee. More coffee. More coffee to come. Then comes the coffee rush. For some, they can’t even speak to a fellow colleague when entering the office, until they have had. . .the morning coffee. Others, snap, get irritated, and exceed the understatement of an adrenaline rush. “Coffee, Miguel?” Well, for those who know how to handle it.

Sometimes, we can utilize other natural fruits of the Earth, without the extra sugar and caffeine. So, what about the smoothness of. . .tea? Minus the processed sugar. Three cups of honey, please. A natural sweetness will do. Just imagine waking up in the morning and having a mug of tea. Feeling your body warm up with this natural heater. Umm. . .Sip. Sip. Double Sip. Not too hot, while still hittin’ that spot.

Waking in the early morning in the presence of stilled warmness, the very comforts of tea. Its a great feeling to serve as our morning energy. Of course, it can always be our guide throughout the remainder of the day. Though, of course, having that early cup of warm tea, ensures that you walk into the office with a smile on your face; as opposed to that unpleasant grimace, which causes your co-workers to run the opposite of your direction.

Having a nice cup of tea, on your beautifully, decorated desk, means that you can have a smooth transition between the different assignments and work tasks. There is just something about having that healing nectar, gracefully moving through your body, which makes the day’s tasks all the more enjoyable. More soothing. In addition to having a beautiful spacing, drinking nature’s ointment of healing; while moving inside squared (or circular) spacing, makes work less of a torture chamber. Work actually becomes a place of. . . relaxation.

If the office lounge has it’s own personal selections of herbal tea remedies, it’s even better. Creating the work space to be more warm and inviting, makes social time among staff. . .more inviting. Plus, it’s a way of increasing team work among everyone. Which means there is an increase of office productivity. Everyone stays awake. Staff and management move happily, throughout their day.

In addition, to easing the work factor, throughout the office, drinking herbal teas (of different varieties with natural ingredients) also increases physical, mental, and emotional health, through the workplace. Herbal teas are known for preventing cancers, and cleansing toxins from the body. With the very presence of herbal teas in the workplace, companies are encouraging and promoting health and wellness among their employees. Of course, like anything, we don’t expect to drink herbal tea every minute or every second. Nevertheless, the health factor of it all, is that a physical cleansing, on the job, is taking place.

One of the other beneficial factors of enjoying herbal teas on the job, is that it assists in promoting meditation. After all, isn’t meditation a method of balancing time; reflecting on time; and clearing one’s mind from energies, that do not serve one’s performance in the workplace? With a beautiful, decorative mug (placed on the desk), holding our natural elixir of honey’s haven, the warmth of it’s very existence allows for that reflection time. That calm time. That personal time. For it is that sacred time when an individual can partake in emotional cleansing or assessment of one’s performance on the job. It is those precious minutes of euphoria. A moment of stillness when staff members can pause from the “work,” and reflect on one’s position in the company. How are they moving? What is their current status and position? Should they stay? Do they have ambitions of advancing further in the company? Should there be a change in their spacing? How a staff member make one’s appearance more suitable for their ambitions! What are the possibilities of adding more life and color to their office work space? So many questions come to mind, when exploring these precious, tea stories.

Lastly, there is the actual process of herbal teas moving through our system, as we labor. You know that feeling. It’s that simple, but a powerful feeling of knowing that any pain within your body, is being healed. The warmth of satisfaction in calmness restoring your physical sector. Energy is moving in the natural alignment of the Universe. You feel your entire Being of mind, body, and Spirit, uniting with the forces of nature. Those invisible realms, where you are not feeling torn and ravaged into different parts; due to the stresses of work lifeand especially, work in any urban sector of society. In many ways, drinking herbal teas are forms of restoration. It’s one of those healing elements of truly experiencing what it means to have mental clarity and a peace of mind.

So, as we opened up in our journey of coffee stories, only to transition into a timing of tea, we become aware in just how precious and euphoric our work experiences (and company cubicles). . .can be. As long as we continue to fuel our bodies with natural, healing jewels. Waking up in the morning with our mug of tea is a pleasant experience. It is a meditation, in itself. Carrying that same vibe into the office can ensure that our pace will be steady. The day will be precious. How we work is connected to how we relegate time. How we relegate time is synonymous with how we connect with inner time, of the physical, in order to experience the healing factor of producing with time. What better way to see work as a form of healing, as long as we eat and experience, that healing within.

Until next time, make sure you have your cup in hand. With your own healing. . .in tea time! 😉