Beauty, talent, and brains, SisterKristy shares that being successful in the influencer industry is more than just taking photos in her gorgeous lingerie in her bright and beautiful apartment- It’s a career.  She has to schedule out her day and can rarely take “time off”, as not producing a constant stream of new content can be detrimental to her business, and with Instagram’s constant Algorithm changes, she really has to work hard to get the exposure she needs to continue a successful business.

She started off on Instagram and moved to one of the subscription-based websites we hear so much about, but after a few months she realized the limitations that being part of a corporate run site presents, and she moved out on her own, creating her own website, and she shares this is the best decision she’s made.

“I now don’t have to be concerned about the repercussions of a celebrity coming on the website and causing the entire system to change- looking at you Bella Thorne. I now have my own domain name, I make way more, and I’m actually fully in-charge. I also like the creative freedom having my own site allows me.”

SisterKristy’s work from home is also not the same as what the rest of the world understand.  There are no days off from changing out of your sweats and throwing your hair up in a messy bun.  Kristy’s job is to maintain her appearance requiring her to exercise religiously and style her hair and make up daily.  This requires a level of self-discipline many other people don’t possess.

She’s learned the ins and outs of the industry, done her research, and learned from her mistakes. Her self-awareness and determination is what has made her such a success. She now focuses on providing a warm and authentic connection with her followers.  Outside of her general feed, she interacts with her fans directly, building a genuine connection with them to encourage their loyalty to her and her site.

“Usually on my website once a month or so I’ll take “personal requests” and dedicate one evening to just answering DMs and sending out what my followers want to see! It takes quite a bit of time because I want everyone to have a chance to ask for a personal picture, so I usually end up hanging out for a few hours just on my website. Trying to talk to all my followers at once can tend to get a but overwhelming so I need to be in a really good place to be able to handle it all.”

She does know when to take a break though.  She shares that for her family time during the holiday’s she completely disconnects so she can spend that time uninterrupted with her loved ones. 

Her ultimate goal is to reach 1 Million followers on Instagram and to be on the cover of a magazine, she’s also hoping to not only reach 1 million followers, but also have $1 million in her bank account, and then buy that dream Birkin bag, in her eyes, that shows that she’s really “made it”.

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