We are living in a domain where foodstuff specifically processed and packaged food is readily obtainable. We also dwell in a world with inactive lifestyle, high levels of stress and little sleep. At some point it feels like all the forces of nature are trying to discourage us from remaining healthy. Sustaining a healthy life is as simple as taking the right amounts of workout and slumber, as well as taking a balanced diet. But, even these simple, straightforward procedures appear puzzling at times.

Occasionally all it takes to alter our imperfect lifestyle is a little push, a cheerleader, a buddy and the right kind of training. We can spend lots of cash on fancy training programs and diet plans   or we can install some of the best health and fitness apps according to a famous B2B marketplace and web designer Company owner and initiate our healthy exodus at the touch of a button.


Fooducate is developed to teach you about the foodstuffs you have. This app’s has a barcode scanning capability that lets you to compare the nutritive value of food stuff. It matches two items and suggests healthier substitutes from its database. Furthermore, the app also pairs as an intake, calorie and workout tracker.

Calorie Counter Pro:

Calorie Counter PRO by MyNetDiary is an all-inclusive food scanner, nutrition log and workout tracker. The app is capable of scanning barcodes for a product’s nutritional info. It also has the possibility to input custom foods and recipes. An exercise tracker lets users to enter more than 500 diverse activities. This app has a massive database of 500k+ foods inputted which is updated weekly. The app also has 270k+ foods contributed by its followers, accounting to a total of 770k+ foods for its fans.

HealthyOut Healthy Meal Finder:

This app assists you adhere to your diet even when you’re going out or ordering a food delivery. The app assists users in finding healthy restaurant dishes at native restaurants that matches your diet and nutrition likings. It also contains a wealth of diet and food filters, letting you to filter by cuisine, ingredients or category of dish. This app is a great option when you don’t have the time to make a healthy meal of your own.

Diet Point Weight Loss:

Select the weight loss package that’s right for you! The app delivers details of more than 130+ diets in diverse categories, comprehensive with detailed shopping lists and meal strategies. The app also helpfully alerts you for meals time, to help evade out of control craving and overindulging. From low carb diet to diet for candida and Paleo, Diet Point offers plans designed for everyone.

Healthy Inside, Thin Outside (HITO):

HITO Healthy Inside, Thin Outside is still in its crowd-funding phase and promises to be the world’s most authoritative app to improve your health. It is more than just a food tracker or nutrition exploration program — it’s an informative guide that answers to your precise nutritional needs. Like having a personal nutritionist always at your side, this app offers you feedback on your food selections, and offers scientifically confirmed food suggestions and training to minimalize disease possibility and enhance your health. Each food item in the database has been independently tagged for specific criteria such as super-foods, foods which are high in phytonutrients, acidic or alkaline forming, gluten free, allergy free, health disorder specific foods and more. With a rich library of informative videos, HITO also trains nutrition fundamentals and keeps you current on the best ways to mend and maintain your health. Absolutely sounds like a powerful new app to watch out for.

Goodnight Smartphone:

Sleep time the most vital part of our physical health. Sleep deficit can lead to an increased threat of heart disease, kidney ailment, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke. Besides in today’s tech compelled society disconnecting from our day to welcome a good night’s sleep has become even harder. Thank goodness for we have Goodnight Smartphone. Inspired by kids’ bedtime classics- Goodnight Moon, Arianna Huffington’s Goodnight Smartphone is a lively and relaxing guide to help you shift from the worries of a nerve-wracking day to a good night’s invigorating sleep.

With so many promising tools right at your fingertips maintaining a healthy lifestyle anymore is not a dream. Try one of these superb apps today and start living the life of your dreams.