On this occasion we list what are the benefits of acquiring a rental bin for your business, company or construction project.

Starting any new business can be risky, but many self-storage site entrepreneurs are finding that containers can limit the initial expense required, as well as add value to their businesses.

1) Modifications mean that almost anything is possible

You know what your customers want when it comes to self-storage, like adjustable shelving, for example.

With a rental bin, you can modify it to meet this need and many others, including partition walls for small office units, cargo storages, with staff door access, and lighting.

2) Security for you and your customers

Security is likely to be a top priority for any customer choosing a self-service site.

Containers have a reputation for being safe for storage due to their sturdy construction and safety box function.

In addition to being made of high-strength corten steel, our newly built containers come equipped with a safety box, which helps prevent someone from tampering with the padlock.

3) Feel free to easily move your rental bins

If you want maximum flexibility in your terrain, the ease with which the rental bins can be moved is a real bonus.

It can be as simple as wanting to move containers from one part of your site to another, but you also have the option of easily relocating boxes off-site if the need arises.

4) Load splitting

With the system that we propose you no longer need to stow or store waste in your work, industry, house, or condominium since you can fill the dump trucks according to your needs and request their removal immediately.

In addition, its size allows it to be deposited to be filled on public roads, since it occupies the space of a parked car. Filling it is very easy since its height allows an operator to dump the waste without having to rise with a ladder.

5) Work independence

You are no longer dependent on a third party to continue your work. You will have the container at your disposal when you need it and for as long as you need it. As soon as you fill the dump truck, you ignore the problem because with a recall call our company takes care of the rest. The punctuality with which the tipper is delivered and removed is noteworthy. This allows for the clearing of obstacles on site at the time you have it available and an efficient cleaning task.

6) Space and work gained

You will only occupy just enough space to accumulate waste, avoiding its spread and constant change of location, as well as the massive and useless occupation of your land. Likewise, you will avoid paying labor or machinery to collect said waste from the ground, since you will introduce it directly into the container without the need for further movements. If this container is placed on the public highway, you will have gained space in your work that will allow better circulation and you will obtain an excellent cleanliness image on your work.