Six Simple Ways To Be More Generous

There are innumerable reasons to be generous. When we are being magnanimous, we feel better about ourselves. It has a positive impact on our confidence and forces our self-hated to take a tumble. And that’s not the best thing about being generous.

Instead, there are studies out there which draw a direct line between a long life span and, you guessed it, generosity. That means that whether you want to live long, have healthy relationships, or looking to reduce your stress levels, generosity is vital.

Here are six simple but effective ways to be a more generous person:

1.      Be a source of comfort to others

In our everyday life, we cross many people who act normal but, in reality, need help. Don’t go far, It can be your mother who is tired of dealing with everyday chores or your dad who needs car maintenance but could not get an off from work. Your wife who needs a break from baby nursing or your unwell neighbor who just needs a hot bowl of soup.

Once you have identified such persons around you, let your phone rest on the phone kiosk and turn on your kind sense. Offer them a helping hand, share the burden, or take them out for a break. 

2.      Little deeds should also be appreciated

Thanksgiving shouldn’t come only once a year! Start counting the smallest things in your life which you’re grateful for and be thankful for them wholeheartedly. Need further explanation to understand this point? Then let me explain with the help of an example.

 A loyal friend, supportive family/spouse, a settled job, vacations, leisure times, even a discount coupon is a part of good things in life we need to be thankful for. Be grateful for not only things but also people who do good by you.

3.      Share your time and attention

The time that you take out from your hectic schedule for someone you care has no match. You have planned a gaming friend’s night, but all of a sudden mom peeks out that she needs someone to volunteer their time at grandma’s place. The only sacrifice you will have to make is to put your phone aside on phone kiosk for the time you will be the sole listener for all granny tales. 

4.      Celebrate little achievements of others

Encouraging people for their small achievements is a great way to make them feel special. A little pat on intern’s back, thumbs up for colleague’s innovative idea, cheering up wife on winning a discount coupon at the mall, a gift of charging station for the phone to grandpa on his fast recovery. The feeling created with such acts will restore their trust in kindness. 

5.      Be kind with strangers

The feeling of doing well without the intention of return is the purest form of generosity. Letting the old lady next to you order first to save her from long wait, lend your phone charging station at airport to someone in need, offer a hand to mother of two while holding grocery bags at mart, keeping the door open for someone entering just after you, indulge in the play with random kids at park.