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I love Sundays and what they represent. Relaxation, Reflection, Reading and Writing. This Sunday was so very different — it was, well, a utterly shitty day.

Do you ever have one of THOSE days?

I woke up, it was a beautiful day. The dogs were already downstairs, Jimmy was making banana bread, I came into the kitchen with a somewhat sleepy, but cheerful, “Good Morning!”

Jimmy said, “not really” and pointed with his head towards the dining room.

Shit — literally, shit on the dining room floor. Again!

Tommy, our adorable, newly rescued, ten-year-old Westie, doesn’t seem to understand the concept of not shitting and peeing in the dining room.

The DINING ROOM for God sake!

I was a “tad” put out that Jimmy didn’t take care of the clean-up, but he was making banana bread after all. So, after cleaning up, I took my freshly brewed cup of coffee upstairs with me to meditate. Surely, that will help put me in the right frame of mind, dammit.

I felt somewhat better after listening to Abraham & Ester guide me through my now daily ritual.

How A Shitty Day Gets Even Shittier!

Afterward, as I was looking downstairs from the hallway upstairs, I saw, to my horror — he was doing it AGAIN!

Shitting on the dining room carpet AGAIN!!! Goddamn it!

I hollered, I stomped, I reprimanded and scared, well, no shit left, so the hell out of the poor dog. Now I’m almost beside myself. I’m getting mad at everybody. Jimmy, Tommy and Maggie — who you may remember is Tommy’s wife and who is being an angel, thank you very much.

After cleaning up AGAIN, I go back upstairs in tears muttering “I just need to be by myself for a few minutes and START THIS F*CKING DAY OVER!”

I go to the bedroom and cry and breathe and try not to resist the feelings that I’m feeling, because I know that just adds to the problem. I start to feel better.

A bit later, when he thinks it’s safe to speak, Jimmy gently suggests that I go to the garden store to “look at the pretty flowers” and bring some home for the unplanted pots. I mention that if I leave, I may not return and as I drive away there was a part of me that just wanted to keep going, like to Oregon… After spending about an hour away (and a lot of money!), yes, I do go back home. Lucky for me, though, I do now have some beautiful flowers that will make our current surroundings more enjoyable.

Have A Nice Trip!

I start by planting the large pot we have in the front and then move to the backyard. We had quite a bit of hail damage to all the pots back there, so I was on a mission to repair and replenish. As I finished one of the patio pots, I turned to look at the hanging baskets in the garden. Taking a step to get closer, I tripped over Maggie, stumbled, thought I caught myself, stumbled again and fell, literally flat on my face on the lawn.

On the plus side, I didn’t get hurt, and I didn’t fall in a pile of shit! (Because I was outside and not in the dining room!)

Now I’m just about out of my mind.

How many times does a girl have to start her f*cking day over I ask? I had planned on going to my neighbors to spend some time with her horses, which always sets my heart right. I just feel better when I’m there. The world seems to drop away. Heaven — just three short blocks away.

However, the way the day is going I’m hesitant to be in the presence of three BIG horses that could stomp or kick me. I play it safe and stay home. I pick up a book, knowing that the world has not come to an end.

And then, you’ll never believe it — you’ve just got to be f*cking kidding me! Tommy pulls a hat-trick — a f*cking trifecta! How does he shit three times in one day in the same spot? Dear God.

This is no time for a Snippet!

Sunday afternoon is normally the time I sit down and write my Snippet. Aren’t you glad I waited? At least now I can see the humor in the day and not give any real contemplation to running away from home or taking the dogs back to Westie Rescue. I was “this close” to both!

Six little ideas

I have a few words of wisdom to remember:

  • You can start your day over any time and as many times as you must.
  • Cry, stomp, yell, breathe, but don’t resist or stifle your feelings — let them flow through you.
  • Don’t avoid the things that bring you pleasure out of fear.
  • Calm the f*ck down and be grateful for the good things in your life.
  • Don’t commit to paper, social media or your website anything in the immediate aftermath of a shit-show.
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously (Rule 62)

Have you had a shitty day that you can now laugh out loud about? God, I would love to hear it, so I know I’m not in this particular boat all by myself. Let me hear from you!!

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