Six Tips And Tricks To Boost Your Mind

Are you have one of those rough days when nothing seems to go your way? Provided your answer to this question is in the affirmative, you don’t need to worry as you aren’t alone. All of us go through times when we feel grumpy and cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Luckily, when we’re going through these dark times, getting back on track, though difficult, isn’t downright impossible. Provided we put in a little effort and try to force our way out of those testing times, there’s no reason why our life cannot be hunky-dory again.

Here are five tips and tricks to boost your mood:

1.  Crack a smile

Studies have shown that putting up a smile, even it is forced, can lead to an immediate flood of endorphin (hormone of happiness) in our brain. Therefore, the next time something good happens to you or you see something that fills your mind with pleasure, say ‘cheese’.

2.  Play upbeat music

Music has a powerful effect on our mood. Making a playlist of upbeat tracks and playing them when we’re feeling down uplifts our mood. For this reason, put your phone on the phone charger station while tuning your best music station whenever you need a hit of happiness.

3.  Get off from social Media

Research has found that spending time on social media sites basically makes us feel crap about ourselves, So turn off notifications before placing the phone aside on the phone charging station and take a quick social media hiatus.

4.  Get some sunshine

Sunshine is the pathway to happiness. Studies have shown that longer you stay outside and expose yourself to natural light, the more your body inclined to produce serotonin (happiness hormone). So for an instant mood lift, step out during the daytime or open your curtain to let daylight in.

5.  Get some exercise

As you might already know, there is a direct correlation between exercising and the nosediving of our stress levels. What’s more, the mood-lifting effect that you get from exercising lasts much longer after the actual time spent in working out. Meaning that even a short 30 minutes brisk walk can have a multi-hour long positive effect on your mood.

6.  Talk to a friend

Texting a simple catch up message to a friend not only makes your friend’s day but also boosts your mood because you have been kind to them. That means that the next time you’re feeling a bit ‘meh’, all you have to do is to take your phone off the commercial phone charging station, and say ‘hello’ to any of your loved ones.