It can be difficult to stay healthy when you’re in lockdown. Coronavirus has not helped the situation with a shut down, near economic collapse, re-opening, and modified shut down with no end in sight.

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These are my six best ways to stay sane during quarantine.

These are some of the top tips I’ve created to keep myself mentally healthy during this time frame. These six steps should be included to keep yourself mentally healthy as well. These tips will also help you stay that way.

  1. Plan Your Meals. Pre-prepare your meals at home. When you have healthy meals ready to eat in your refrigerator you can stay healthier with varied fruits vegetables and enough fiber to keep you going.
  2. Get moving! Make sure you get up and move around at least once every hour. Regular exercise is especially important for maintaining both a healthy mind and a healthy body.
  3. Create a routine (and stick with it)! Daily routines help you maintain healthy habits. When you have healthy habits you’re a better able to handle change. Remember, just because you started a routine and couldn’t maintain it doesn’t mean you can’t be successful. Try again!
  4. Get away from your electronic screen. Turn off Netflix and your computer. Get some fresh air. Open a book. You can break out a good board game or play a puzzle with your family. Card games are also good. My particular favorites are charades and scrabble.
  5. Stay connected. Make sure to schedule video chats with friends and family. You need to keep your connections warm and engaged to stay mentally healthy. To stay mentally healthy you also need to stay in touch with others. It’s especially important to stay in touch with those that really need it like the elderly especially.
  6. Stay positive. Remember, this won’t last forever. I appreciate you doing your part to help flatten the curve and prevent community transmission.

These tips are important whether or not we’re dealing with coronavirus. The important part is to get and stay mentally healthy at all times. These six tips will make you mentally healthy and keep you that way if you pay attention. Reach out if you need some assistance. We’re here to help.

Kirsten Turkington DNP is a nurse practitioner helping people tap their potential, ignite their passion and define their purpose to find success. Sign up for her weekly newsletter for expert tips.