We all have days where we don’t feel like doing much. We still believe anything is possible, yet we just feel tired and stuck. Even exhausted. Or, maybe there is a little hint of doubt clouding your normal optimism.

Sound familiar? Don’t panic. You are not alone. We all have these days. What’s important is you don’t beat yourself up. You are only human although we all strive to be super heroes in our lives.

As soon as you feel these signs, you need to take control. You can choose to hit the refresh button and take action to recharge your energy and boost your positivity.

Try these six tried and true ways to  boost your positivity and get renewed energy flowing. And don’t feel guilty. While they are fun, these are very productive ways to spend even your regular “work” hours.

Do A Date With Art

We all need to feed our creativity. Any easy way is to break your routine. Change your surroundings. Go out and see something amazing. Visit an art gallery, get lost in a museum, go to a concert or see a movie. Treat yourself and find inspiration from other people’s creativity.

If books are your jam, order The Artist’s WayThis international best seller is all about tapping into the creativity we all have to ensure we are living our best lives.

Listen To A Podcast

Always be learning. I recently started listening to podcasts on my long LA commutes. What was I waiting for? This is such an easy way to learn and boost your positivity. I’m now fully addicted. There are so many awesome topics the only challenge is selecting which ones to do.

Any topic you are interested in works. However, with a simple search, you can often find a podcast with someone succeeding doing exactly what you want to do. Regular people AND famous people are sharing their secrets to success for free. All you have to do is listen and enjoy.

Get Into Nature

Take a walk in the park, stroll through the forest or splash along a coastline. Some fresh air, exercise, and gratitude for the beauty around you is guaranteed to clear your head and make you feel happier, more energized and get some new ideas flowing.

Let mother nature ground you and boost your positivity. It’s hard not to be in awe and feel inspired by the miracles in nature that surround us every day.

Practice Self Care

Always! But especially on a days when you need a boost, get out that credit card. This is the greatest way to affirm to yourself that you are worth investment. Facial, massage, meditation, yoga, spin—whatever will make you feel like the worthy gift to the universe that you are.

Enjoy taking care of you so you can take care of all the things.

You Do Not Have to Figure Out Everything Yourself.

Call A Friend

Newsflash. You do not always have to be the strong one. There are no extra prizes for figuring out everything by yourself. You do not have to perfect. This is where Brene Brown’s important lessons about vulnerability come into play. Check out her famous TedTalk and new Netflix special if you want to feel truly inspired.

Brene advocates admitting when you need help first to ourselves and then to others. Friends love helping lift their friends up. That’s what friends are for. Family too.

“Imperfections are not inadequacies; they are reminders that we’re all in this together.”- Brené Brown

Find a Mentor 

If you don’t have a mentor, or even better, a career coach, it’s time. Probably way past time. Make this a priority. Part of their role is to get you energized, boost your positivity and ensure you have a growth mindset.

No matter where you are in your life and career, it’s super wise to have a trusted professional that is helping you craft your goals and the paths to get there. A mentor or coach is a critical member of your super hero team.

We are but mere mortals. We can’t be at our best every single day. Taking a break to take care of you is a very wise and productive move.

Be sure to keep this list of activities handy when you want, or need, to take a reset break. You don’t even have to wait until a challenging day to enjoy them. They can make your good days even better too.

These six productive activities will absolutely fuel your energy and boost your positivity and unleash lots of new ideas to keep you moving forward towards your dreams.

Have fun trying them all!