Make the Law of Attraction Work

Have you noticed that very few people can apply the Law of Attraction and get results every time? For some, it works just occasionally or not at all. In order to understand how to make the Law of Attraction work, let’s first explore the reasons why most of us find it difficult to attract what we want.

3 Obstacles to the Law of Attraction

1) The biggest obstacle to the Law of Attraction is the fear we are not powerful enough to create what we want. 

Let that sink in for a minute. We fear we can’t create what we desire. Thus, no prosperity method, much less the Law of Attraction, will work until we face this fear. It doesn’t matter what tool we use, nothing will work consistently unless we release the fear that we are not powerful enough to create abundance.

2) What we desire and what we expect are not aligned. 

The combination of desire and expectation is very powerful. We can want financial freedom all day long, but if we don’t expect we can have it, we will inadvertently create what we expect, not what we want. 

Desire and expectation come from different places. Desire comes from our soul. The soul communicates through desire. 

Expectations are driven by the ego, and these expectations come with a “governor-like” mechanism that lowers expectations constantly. Sometimes it protects us from disappointment, fear, or the need to conform with societal norms. However, the tendency to lower expectations also derails success.

3) We get what we focus on BUT we don’t know how to focus on abundance. 

For many, the concept of abundance (having more than we need) is either foreign, negative, or at least uncomfortable. Since focus and intention are critical to manifest abundance, we will fail if we can’t maintain our focus on what we want. For example, we might desire financial abundance, yet spend most of our time focused on the lack of it. 

3 Ways to Overcome Obstacles so the Law of Attraction Works

Let’s explore how we can overcome the obstacles and make the Law of Attraction work:

1) Come to know and believe in your power to create– One of the most damaging message we are given is that we are not powerful enough to create what we want.Think about how many times we’ve been told: Life is hard, You have to be lucky; Nothing comes easy; You have to work hard for what you want; The rich get richer.

These beliefs teach us that we are at “affect” of the world around us. Yet, the interesting thing is that the rich, the lucky, the hard workers, etc. are simply focusing on what they want, so the Law of Attraction works for them because of their focus. We all have that power! 

2) Let the soul drive and give the ego a role in the passenger seat.

Desire comes from the soul. The ego tries to protect us, and one of the ways it does that is by lowering our expectations to overt disappointment. In order to align desires with expectations, tune in to the soul’s desire (let the soul drive) and give the ego a role in the passenger seat. What that means is that the ego can help us plan, alert us to dangers, but NOT derail us from our vision by lowering our expectations.

When we hear that voice in our head that says, you’re not good enough or you don’t deserve it, that is the fearful ego. Tell the voice that there is a new driver in town, the soul, and shift thoughts to desires so you’re focused only on what you want.

3Desire is the key to creating abundance.

When was the last time you took a look at what it is that you really, REALLY want? Unfortunately, most of us have given up our dreams and aren’t even sure what we want anymore. After years of pushing it down, getting in touch with the soul’s desires takes intentional focus. To unleash desire and listen to the soul, identify what it is that you think you want. Imagine it. Play with it in your mind. And this is very important – ask yourself WHY you want it. You will be surprised that sometimes it is really something else that you desire. Once you can clearly state what it is that you want and why you want it, pay attention to how it feels. If it feels good to think about it, you’re on your way and just take action toward that.  

Are You Ready to Make the Law of Attraction Work?

Along the way, remember to enjoy the ride! Be patient – don’t let the ego derail progress. Appreciate everything you learn along the way. You can absolutely create what you want. It is not just for other people. You can create abundance, or prosperity, or happiness. You deserve it. You have the power to co-create.