For myself, I have experienced the whole living, working, eating and breathing in one space, and let me tell you this: it’s dark, really dark. Not only did living in this confined and small space impair my productivity, it also dramatically impacted my mood by making it even harder for me to get away from the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

However, even with the darkest and smallest of spaces, there are still lots of things you can do to greatly improve your wellbeing by being smart with your styling and interiors. Here are six changes I implemented to improve my vibes and mood to inspire you in your own home.

1. Decluttering

A clear space brings you a clear mind. It’s that simple. Research and studies shows that more things you have, the more your brain has to take in each time you walk into your home, thus decreasing your ability to focus.  As a former proper hoarder, I know this very well. However, there are some truly effective techniques to help you with the process of decluttering, which can be an emotional task.

Marie Kando, a Japanese organisation consultant shares her amazing methods in the book she authored: “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: a simple effective way to banish clutter forever”. Kando believes in the principle of keeping just things that “Spark Joy” in our lives and smartly teaches us how to say goodbye to the things that have served us well, but we no longer need. This book is just great and it will surely help you clear your own space. If you cannot get the book right now, you should add it to your future “must-read” list.

2. Light

Saving on energy is great, but not to the detriment of your wellbeing and health. Whilst living with the cheapest LED ceiling lights, I noticed a big difference in my mood when these lights were turned off. So I did some research to see if there were any connections between this type of lights and mood and what I came across was quite startling.

An team of neurologists, ophthalmologists and biologist who studied this matter figured out that the blue light in LED ceiling bulbs is more disruptive than halogen light, as well as incandescent and fluorescent lights, causing an unknown risk to our wellbeing and health.

So what can be done? Well, if you are like me, you will notice the instant improvement in mood when you’re in direct contact with natural sunlight. If you have a proper natural light source in your home, make sure you use it well. This could be done by moving your bed closer to your bedroom window, making sure you draw the curtains each morning or if your home really lacks natural light then maybe it could be an idea to invest in a SAD lamp.

There is also a huge impact in keeping your interior furniture light if possible. Throws, bed linen, pillows and accessories could be light or white in areas that lack natural light flow, thus lifting you into a more breathable and fresh space.

3. Go With The Things You Love

Impulse purchases usually come hand-in-hand with lower mood and the need for instant pick-me-ups it’s easier than ever with the advancements of shopping online, but having just cleared your home leaving room for the “Spark Joy” pieces, you may want to consider your next purchase and whether or not it’s likely to make you feel great in the long term.

Personally, I have discovered a new appreciation for ‘key pieces’ of furniture. I often purchase second-hand tables or even paint ones I have found on the street – and there is absolutely nothing wrong with this, by the way.

Too many times in the past I have felt guilty when purchasing pieces I truly adored and instead opted for the second or even third alternative but over time, I have eventually only ended up accumulating a mass of more items I don’t really like and then my home makes me feel the ‘ugh’ I’m trying to get away from.

4. Nature In Your Home

Most of us living in large cities share the same problem: we have no garden. Whilst frequent trips to the park and green spaces are really great for us, it can be tough to get out during low periods.

If you cannot get outside, why not bring nature to our home?

Whether you just bring in a few small plant pots for your windows and spend an evening planting your favourite herbs or decide to actually invest in a Pinterest worthy plant that you will take pride in watering, there are multiple ways to bring new life into your home.

Did you know that indoor plants can significantly improve your mental wellbeing and health? Different plants have different features and properties with some of them releasing happy chemicals, with potential to reduce stress, decrease pain levels and purify your air. If you are concerned that you might forget to water them or simply cannot do it, there is nothing wrong with the plastic alternative to enhance your scenery.

5. Photos, Framed Quotes and Images

Another excellent way to add personality and even uplift you on a down day or inspire you each day is to strategically put motivating quotes or also feel good images around your space.

Find motivational quotes on postcards or online, or create your own and put them in a frame on the wall by your bed to make sure you go to sleep with the same positive energies you will wake up with. This sort of stuff is really powerful and even without us seeing it can really positively impact how we feel about our life.

It’s also worth considering the colours and what role they play in each area of your space. Yellow images will make you feel optimistic and happy in general whereas blue will likely aid concentration and make you feel calmer. Understand the impact of colour psychology.

6. Safety

Aside from all the above details that focus on uplifting your mood and increase motivation, the wellbeing on your own home will also depend on more tangible things, like safety and security features.

Every home needs to have certain essential minimum safety requirements, such as a quality lock on the main door, a fire alarm or even a monoxide detector. The last two are particularly important in case your windows properly seal your space and you have a fireplace.

One last recommendation: having a dog helps both with safety and uplifting your spirit, thus I highly recommend it!